Before We Open The Box

Hello! My FLUX came in a week ago to the day, and I am just now able to open the package. Before I do, however, I was wondering if anyone who has received their printer could post some tips on any topic i.e. Unpackaging, Setup, Software, Hardware, Modules, Maintenance, etc. Seriously, if you have used your FLUX, and have any advice or pointers about anything at all, please feel free to post a reply!


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hi , check out the post Comprehensive Flux Delta Setup and Guide . it is a very good review


That looks like it will help! Any advice on config changes in Flux Studio?

The only general advice I have is to try lowering the print temperature if you’re getting “stringy” lines between parts of your print, but the specific temp will depend on your filament brand/color.

Oh, also, I set my skirts to 4 just to make sure it’s extruding before the print starts, but that’s just me being overly cautious.

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have a usb thumb drive set aside for doing firmware updates and always check for latest software/firmware every week.

Good idea re USB stick… but the devs should build easy updates of firmware in to the software to make it easier for the users… I spent 20 minutes fussing with drivers…my wife, the primary user of the printer, would never bother with such stuff.