Beamo only engraves and won't cut

I got a Beamo about 3 weeks ago and was initially able to cut and engrave 3mm acrylic (black, opaque white, and translucent white) no problem. After about a week, I ordered the Autofocus and installed it. Since then, I’ve been unable to cut anything – it only engraves. I’m using an SVG file and only have one layer. For the layer, I set “Acrylic - 3mm Cutting” and upload it. As far as I can tell, I’m not doing anything differently than I was before when I was able to cut. Every time, Beam Studio uploads the file and shows “Laser Engraving”. I’ve let it run and, sure enough, it only engraves. I’ve tried to cut from 3 different computers (macOS, Windows, Linux), so it doesn’t appear to be a problem with a particular installation of Beam Studio. I’ve updated the firmware, reset the beamo to factory, and refreshed the SD card. I’ve refilled the water and aligned the optical path. I’ve uninstalled the autofocus and reinstalled the manual focus – same problem. I reinstalled the autofocus again and still no change. I’ve used my own SVG files as well and also tried to cut a plain circle that I placed via Beam Studio, so it doesn’t appear to be a file problem. Every time I upload a file, the beamo says “Laser Engraving”. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve only got a week to figure this out, otherwise I’ll have to return it. Any ideas?

Beamo calls all the work the laser does “Engraving” even when it is cutting.

Once you upload your image, make sure you are setting the power and speed controls for the layer you want to cut. Check the power and speed controls (called Parameter Settings in Beam Studio) once you’ve chosen your material - for 3mm acrylic it should be power=55 speed=7 (mm/s) - to make certain you are using enough power to cut through. These are the only things it looked like you might have missed!

Thanks lee, that helps a lot. I thought I was doing something wrong because I kept seeing “Laser Engraving” (although I explicitly indicated that I wanted to cut). I’ve been continually tinkering with it over the past few days and found that the laser wasn’t quite aligned. That probably occurred when I installed the Autofocus. Since then, I’ve gotten the beam aligned better and now it’s almost cutting through on the first pass. Not quite as good as before I installed the autofocus, but I’m feeling much better about the Beamo now. Thanks again.