Beambox water cooling


How long will the water last? How can I judge, there is still more than 80% of cooling water?


I was thinking the same, you cant tell as there is no indication. Have you managed to work this problem out?


My humble solution… I put a sign on the BBP saying “Check water level Befire EACH Use” and I follow it. For those new to this now that even though I filled the reservoir before each use (and short uses at that) it required substantial water for the first 7 or 8 uses until all the air had been worked out of the system. While it is a water tight closed system leading you to believe it should never lose water, that is not the case. Now I have it “full” is only every other or every third use that it requires maybe a teaspoon of water. However, letting the system overhear is, to my understanding, the first cause of failure aside from dropping it out dropping something on the tube. So, that is a real pain and used to take me 5-10 minutes to check/fill the water reservoir. So…

My BBP is necessarily up against a wall with a wall at one end and cabinets at the other… difficult to get to the water reservoir (poor design!). To make it easier I permanently removed the tube cover screw. I installed a small hook on the middle, bottom, back of the tube cover. I attached a string of perfect length to the ceiling with a hook do when I opened the cover I could attach it to the ceiling and hold the cover open. I then epoxy glued a larger steel washer to the top of the water fill hole screw ensuring the washer chosen would allow a permanently dedicated screw driver to still enter the slot of the screw (too small of a washer doesn’t allow a decent size screw driver to access the slot. I then attached a powerful rare earth magnet to the screw driver and if to put it in the right place, when you unscrew the water plug, the plug stats centered on the screw driver/magnet and makes reinstalling a simple one-hand operation. I also bought a 2-cup plastic water bottle with a flexible down-pointing spout to put on the hole, squeeze (gently) and fill the water reservoir. I have a small light ladder nearby and a place to place my knee beside the BBP to reach over and see what I’m doing. Doing all this makes checking the water reservoir before each use a one-minute activity with no problems not losing the screw cap and ready reinstallation.

Why there isn’t a tank fill/gah at the front of the BBP mystifies me. I’m going to eventually find a solution to that.


You did better than I did. I couldn’t get the pump to do anything at all without working quite hard to remove the air from the system. That involved releasing the laser tube so that the bubbles could flow uphill while applying suction at the tube connecting to the flow detector.

I have been wondering whether the flow detector is implemented. Even when the pump runs without pushing the water around, the machine doesn’t throw an error message.

And also what the temperature readout measures. Is this the water temperature immediately after it leaves the tube, perhaps? Or is there a temperature detector inside the tube itself?

And is there a way to see water flow and temperature while the machine is running (i.e. when you need to monitor it), instead of pausing a job to go into the maintenance interface?


Something I had not considered when I was first seeing up the BBP, But the maintenance tab on the LCD has a “Pump” button which is probably the water pump. I wonder if operating that several times (without using the laser) with water reservoir refills every few minutes would work. I did not experience an airlock on either of the tubes I’ve had. But I also did not think of, or try the Maintenance/Pump button.


I found that the ‘pump’ button activated the pump and its associated fans. I think that these fans must be for a heat exchanger; we’ll know when we get a manual, I hope. The pump is audible, and if you look down into the reservoir (even with the cap screwed on) there’s a blue LED that indicates that it’s running. For the fans, those are audible and you can feel the draught at the grilles on the right-hand side of the case.

But it’ll pump regardless of whether the water’s flowing, I found. I got the water to jump a couple of millimetres but not to push the air through.

I think what we need are pump-priming instructions. I suspect that your suggestion will work — pump while filling. With the way the water circuit’s constructed, I don’t think the reservoir needs to be closed while pumping.

It would also be nice to have a lip and channel to direct excess water away from the electricals during filling. I hae been thinking to add an overflow containment well using something like Sugru or a few rings of silicone bathroom sealant.


You may note that the latest guidance on unboxing the BB (much, much improved over what was available to us) now recommends using the maintenance pump/refill reservoir cycle until the water level no longer decreases before operating the machine. Perhaps we are making a difference. If they won’t credit you… I will at least tip my hat to you for identifying better practices and important user instructions!!

One thing I’ve found is as as they make improvements or changes they don’t provide notice to their customers. You essentially have to review their entire site every month or so to get new/changed/important info.


How long it will last and keep the things fresh ?


this is one of my blown hoses


Clearly Rosalie, that is not right and I’m not in a position to help. You need to use the Flux Support at I would expect Flux to jump on your issues and I’m rather surprised they don’t engage with these entries.