Beambox Pro laser power seems really weak


I’ve just received Beambox Pro bought from official website and am now trying out the laser cutter with several materials. I have noticed that the power of the laser seems pretty weak it cannot cut through 3mm MDF with Power 80% + Speed 3mm/s or even a drawing paper which is less than 1mm with Power 60% + Speed 5mm/s.

Also for papers (as MDF could never be cut with my machine) it seems to cut when I set the speed to less than 4mm/s with power 60% top left corner but it does not cut through with minimum speed 3mm/s with power 60% on bottom right corner.

What is wrong with it?

I’ve tried the optical path adjustment tutorial but when I stick the tape on laser nozzle and tried laser pulse it just doesn’t make any holes. It seems like the laser power itself is really weak.

One thing I noticed when it was delivered is that the laser tube was not fixed with screws and one of the screw was missing (should be total of 4 but found only three) so I had to use only three screws to fix the laser tube on position.

Anyway I need the solution to this issue since I need to cut the MDF.


Try putting tape before each of the mirrors (one at a time). For each mirror/tape go to manual and push the laser pulse 9 or 10 times. Remove and look at tape. When I first started a month ago I would get 1 nice round ~3mm hole; always in same place for that mirror. Recently, my machine assisted to be working at <25% power… Much as you describe. Now out of 8 to 10 pulses I will get 5 or 6 pin prick holes, generally within a 3 mm circle but the total of all holes is much smaller in area than was the first hole. Interesting, I almost never got a hole on the first and sometimes second pulse… it seemed to have to warn up first. Second, if I followed with a tape stuck below the lens I would get the anticipated single 3mm hole even though at each of the the mirrors I was getting the “scatter shot”. They are sending me a new tube assuming the first one was damaged in shipment. Emphasize: all worked perfectly for first 10 days to two weeks. Then, all of a sudden, a huge power drop. So do the test even though you may have done it originally with satisfactory results. Hope this helps.


Mine has totally quit…no laser pulse at all. What is this manual you speak of, mine never had a manual. And tape on what? Mine has blown through multiple hoses, I’ve tried to replace but it seams the laser gets wise each time. Anyone else experience blown house and it seems a piece has broke off of the laser tube on the far left end. There is a piece kind of shaped like a y with a short hose coming out of one piece and a long hose coming out and connecting to something laying in the back. Now a house broke in an area I can’t even access. Any one have hoses exploding? I haven’t even used it very much I just opened it 2 weeks ago. Used it about a total of 2 hours. Ill post pics of the areas.


so this piece has come apart and don’t know what it is or what it is for? Both of the houses connected to it blew holes out the sides and I had to replace. I’m thinking after reading the start of this thread that air escaping or getting sucked in white in operation effects the laser function. I’m wondering if I got air in the lines when I replaced the hoses? After I replaced the third hose, the laser quit. It moves and appears to be functioning but there is no laser acton.


and this hose on the far right as you are facing from the front of the machine blew a hole out the side and I cannot find any access to get inside to replace so I put a barbed house connecting in it after I cut out the section with the hole. Now when it runs water spurts out where the connection is. Could that be the problem why the laser has ceased to function?


Hi Rosalie, and my apologies… I should have said go to “maintenance” on the BB LCD screen and push the laser pulse several times. In my case, with a badly failing laser tube, I would get several pin-point holes in the tape that was placed in the metal framed circle, just before the beam would hit a mirror. I, nor anyone else to my knowledge, got a “manual” and I’m sorry for the misdirection. I can’t help you with the extraordinary problems you have but I would post your concerns with their support web page. They (almost) always got back to me with my problems and there was a firm commitment to ensure I had an operating machine before they were done. I may yet have to go back to them and see if they still are in the game (I’m back to intermittent camera problems). I mentioned they got back to me almost every time. They had/have? a limited number of technical english speakers and if they are out of country you may have a delay. Once I was convince they had lost be a upon resubmitting my concern I received an almost prompt reply. If I’m not clear, holler again and I’ll give it a third shot… but bottom line from what you describe it sounds like you have significant problems that will require their help and maybe/probably parts replacement. If you have to replace parts let me assure you its not impossible. But you must a) get the machine to where you can get around all 4 sides, 2) lots of light… lots, chocolate) patience and maybe an assistant to ensure you understand and have identified the process you must engage in before you engage in it, and iv) make sure they have told you the info you feel you need before diving in (that is part of ‘chocolate,’ patience, and an assistant to give you another perspective than your own.


Thank you! Yes I’ve contacted support, I’ve yet to hear but will have patience.


I’ve recently been experiencing exactly this same thing, tape results and all. Seemingly randomly, too. No crazy popping noises or otherwise, just severely reduced power, and the “scatter shot” effect observed. Did a new laser tube fix your problem?


I received and installed the new laser tube, recalibrated everything, and it worked. My problem then became one where the camera/preview failed to work (again) but the laser worked well. In fairness, I’ve not been able to get back to the machine in several weeks so it’s possible there is a software or firmware update that could resolve the camera issue. Or, asOften happens in life… it just starts to work;-) In discussions with Flux I was told that a working, well-calibrated machine should burn a hole/line approximately 0.3mm in diameter. I suspect that is material and power dependent but it was good to know that I shouldn’t be getting holes of 2 or 3 mm.


Ok great. Support got back to me and concurred; so they’re sending me a new laser tube. I’ve had it in use for almost a year now (though only put in a little over 100 hours of time on the laser), and no other issues besides this one. As long as they continue to improve Beam Studio, I’ll stay happy with this one :smiley:

I think adding such observations to some sticky of known symptoms of a failing laser would be tits though. @Admins?