Beambox Pro laser power seems really weak


I’ve just received Beambox Pro bought from official website and am now trying out the laser cutter with several materials. I have noticed that the power of the laser seems pretty weak it cannot cut through 3mm MDF with Power 80% + Speed 3mm/s or even a drawing paper which is less than 1mm with Power 60% + Speed 5mm/s.

Also for papers (as MDF could never be cut with my machine) it seems to cut when I set the speed to less than 4mm/s with power 60% top left corner but it does not cut through with minimum speed 3mm/s with power 60% on bottom right corner.

What is wrong with it?

I’ve tried the optical path adjustment tutorial but when I stick the tape on laser nozzle and tried laser pulse it just doesn’t make any holes. It seems like the laser power itself is really weak.

One thing I noticed when it was delivered is that the laser tube was not fixed with screws and one of the screw was missing (should be total of 4 but found only three) so I had to use only three screws to fix the laser tube on position.

Anyway I need the solution to this issue since I need to cut the MDF.