BeamBox Pro Height Adjustment Knob “Impossible” to Turn

Original BeamBox Pro Owner with mostly successful use over the years (after 15 months of trouble shooting… it was a shorted-out USB extension cable… go figure!). I’ll admit to old age and arthritis having reduced my hand/wrist strength to about 33% of what it should be but I have a very difficult time adjusting the table height (x-axis) and it’s a real chore if I have to move the table height an inch or more. Would love a solution if anyone has one to easily (and perhaps quickly) raise/lower the table. Hoping there is a best practice out there. For example, maybe someone has found a small available hand crank on an extension shaft that slips over the current shaft substitute for the little black knob but gets it above the edge of the box (so it can be turned); or a fitting to permit a hex drill fitting to and slowly raise/lower with a batter powered drill (on very slow). I’ve tightened the z-axis chain that actually turns the 4-threaded vertical posts because originally it would actually slip off a sprocket (and I wanted to reduce backlash). I really don’t want to backtrack and loosen that if avoidable. Ideas?