Beambox Pro Cutting/Engraving Issue

I received my Beambox Pro a few weeks ago. I had to calibrate the mirrors after receiving, but after calibrating, the machine was working well. About a day ago, the machine started having some issues with cutting/engraving on the right side of the work area. I re-calibrated the mirrors, but when I pulse the laser to calibrate the the second mirror, when the head is on the right side of the work area, I’ve noticed that one pulse doesn’t appear to leave a mark on the tape. I have to pulse it twice before it’ll mark the tape. The alignment seems to be okay otherwise, but I’m still having issues with cutting/engraving. The only material I’m running through the Beambox Pro is 1/8” acrylic. Any help would be appreciated.

I am having a similar issue with power on the right hand side of the machine. Upper left cuts fine. The further right and down it goes the less power is delivered.

I have also noticed that when I cut a rectangle that the corners are not 90 degrees. Might want to check that alignment as well. just cut out a 200mm x 500mm rectangle and check to see if it is square. I am awaiting a response on a support ticket to see how to get mine fixed.

Try tightening the circular backing plate behind each mirror. On mine, the plate was not tight during shipping and eventually worked itself loose. I spent about two weeks troubleshooting and recalibrating before I figured it out. The mirror was shifting from the left to right movement and the machine was performing similarly to what you’re describing.

Hope that helps.

The carriage might not be square in the bed. You can test this by seeing if there is any play in the carriage - push one side towards the tube, and pull one end towards yourself, and see if there is any play.

If there is, talk to support about fixing it.

I appreciate all of the suggestions and help. I think I might have gotten it fixed by re-aligning the third mirror and making some adjustments to the second mirror. Going to test it out this week.

Yup - support sent me a link to a video of how to get things squared back up. It seemed a little imprecise but it worked. I also needed to adjust the optical path on the mirrors. Cutting pretty well now. I think I still need to tweak the mirrors a bit but can now cut across the entire working area.
Thanks for the pointers.

AND ensure your material and bed is level (rather perfectly parallel to the bottom of the lens as the lens moves on the X and Y axis); AND your focus (bottom of lens) is the correct distance from your material (12 mm I believe; keep in mind this can change by several mm if using multiple passes - I don’t like the acrylic measure feature); AND that your camera is calibrated (so when you line things up you burn where intended). And of course, motors aligned AND the focus (vertical path of the laser beam… last step of the mirror alignment processes). I have found issues with each of those functions and figuring it all out caused me to really gain a facility with bed leveling, mirror alignment, vertical beam alignment, and lens to work piece focus (distance) throughout the entire job. There is no substitute but found each/all thoroughly. And if your machine acts up (not part of your question) first ensure both your software and the basic mechanical switch have not been moved to the rotary function… can’t tell you how much angst that “error” caused me… more than once).