Beambox Pro - Avoid at all costs

I bought a Beambox Pro about year ago because I needed something that would work out of the box. What a disappointment!

I’ve already had two major problems, both of which took the best part of a month to fix. Partly because, the company that’s meant to do the servicing in Singapore is Mydea Tech Trading who are just a bunch of kids in a garage in Malaysia.

Then there’s, Beam Studio for Mac which is a real piece of junk. Clunky, temperamental, limited core functionality and a very cumbersome user interface. You can’t open multiple tabs, can’t cut and paste between projects, can’t even open a new project without shutting down an old one. It’s like using Draw Perfect in 1992.

But worse, whatever you do, don’t update the software. The last time I did that, it knocked out the motherboard!

My lasers cutting area is 15mm out and my camera seems to work when it feels like it. If you’re paying Glowforge prices, but not getting the usability, reliability and service then, in my opinion, you’re as well buying a Chinese laser at a fraction of the cost.

In a few points I agree. The camera works or not (or needs up to two minute to begin to work…). The software is very basic and has many flaws, especially in the german version version with plenty of translation errors. Why the size of the honeycomb is not identically with the cutting area I do not understand… But in general: I like my Beamo, and it does a good job.