BeamBox pro arrived


Arrived today and display does not work help !!!


That’s annoying. Contact Flux immediately so it’s clear that the machine was dysfunctional on arrival. If you open up the case to check for loose connections before they give you an explicit instruction, you might void the warranty.

Do you hear motors running, at the least? Or see any lights turn on? It’ll help Flux to help you if you can tell them all such details.


All powers up lights and all just no display


Not to mention no owners manual included
No little wrench they mention , very disappointing for a 5 grand machine to be dead on arrival


Indeed. There’s an owner’s manual that you can download but it’s not exactly comprehensive.

Let them know that you’re missing the wrench. Be warned, though, that it doesn’t quite match all of the nuts that it’s mean to loosen. I use pliers for some of them.

If you’re lucky, there’s just a connection that has come undone during shipping and government inspections. I strongly suspect that government inspectors are behind a minor breakage inside mine.


Got screen on the power to display was unplugged Now it’s in Japanese language how would I get it back to English is there a master reset?


I suspect that it’s in Chinese.

Have a look at the manual at

Just follow the settings down and you can choose English.

If you need help with reading it, post photos of the interface where you’re stuck and someone on this forum can probably get you there. Look for characters 文 or 話; they’re usually in words for languages. English is probably 英文 or 英語.


Well got that fixed Now it says homing error check limit switch any ideas ? About to send this piece of junk back and buy something else


Do you see where the limit switches are? Check that they’re seated well and the connectors are secure; there’s a chance that they’ve misaligned or loosened en route.

Edit: Just noticed that you posted way back at the end of April. I only just saw your question today and don’t remember any prior e-mail alerts about it. I wonder whether this forum is broken too?