Beambox focus head slides up and down

Hi All,

Just received our Beambox and like what we see thus far. Having a little issue with the flip down plastic laser focuser–when I flip this down the conical brass focusing head tends to slide down. When I flip it back up, the head slides back up–is this head supposed to be all the way down or all the way up? is it supposed to be able to slide?


Ahhhh, no. There is a threaded ring that tightens the focus casing parts around the focus jewel together. That should be tightened such that nothing, but the acrylic depth gauge moves (it rotates around the plastic hose attached to the port on the jewel housing.

One more thing to add. If your beam is well collimated and axial (i.e. straight and parallel and well centered), things ought to be OK however deeply you set the lens housing (the cone part) into its casing (the vertical tube). But if the collimation or alignment are a bit off, the focus can be quite sensitive to the lens height below the mirror. So once you’ve secured the lens housing into place, you may need to go through a mirror alignment process as well.

Lessons learnt the hard way … let’s hope that our mistakes and puzzling can save you from having to go through the same.