Beam Studio: No option for "New file"

This is probably a stupid question… Every app I know has an option to create a new file (for Mac it’s under “File” and has the shortcut “Command+N”), and if you want to close a file, there is an option to close the file (for Mac “Command+W”). But in Beam Studio there is nothing like that. If I want to close one file and open a new one, I have to save the file and quit the app. Then, after restarting, I have a “clean” screen for a new project. I am sure the misunderstanding is one my side. But anyway: Thanks…

While not entirely intuitive, there is a way to “start a new file”.

  1. If you have unsaved changes in your current document that you want to keep, Select File > Save.
  2. Reload the app with File > Reload App.

It seems a lot if cross platform apps use a reload or refresh feature these days as it’s popular for apps in a browser. Not my preference but I guess times change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I couldn’t remember where the command was (nor could I remember the exact name) but searching for “re” under the help menu found it for me. I don’t blame you for not knowing what to look for though.

Thank you. Good hint. Works!

Hi there,

Bit late to the party and the first answer is great, but I usually use the “clear scene” option in “edit”, or the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+X.

Just wanted to offer my two cents.

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I have had by beambox for 14 months and I have just learnt something , thank you guys .

Great! Another workaround. Thanks