Autodesk Fusion 360 (course discount, free software)


I’ve been struggling with SketchUp for 3D printer modeling and now they’ve removed STL export for the free version. I came across a cool model built in Fusion 360, found that the creator has a really good Fusion 360 course, and then got a Facebook ad for the same course with a heavy discount :slight_smile:

Also, the software is free for hobbiests and enthusients!

Here’s the complete URL (I didn’t trim it in case that messed with the discount):–65.an_bQ32Z6.lo%5BAustralia,%20Canada,%20United%20States,%20United%20Kingdom%5D_._&k_clickid=fa299440-4166-4698-9e35-22addb14fb58_107467855


I have been using Sketch-up free version for hobby since early 2000, when it was a Google app. I started to use Fusion 360, free version, couple months ago. F-360 is a different concept and has a steeper learning curve and to me it feels very complex and powerful. I followed some video courses and can now design simple items. The 2 free beginner courses I follow on and off are:

I still use Sketch-up but I am trying to switch to F-360 mainly because of its parametric design and organic shape capabilities.


I don’t know if it will work in the free version, but there is an extension to Sketchup to import and export STL files.


The latest free version does have stl import/export capability, I am not sure if it an extension.


Yes. I use the extension just fine.