Anyone want a new print mat 2.0 from flux?


How would you rate the current print mat?

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What would you like?

  • Better more durable print mat which doesn’t tear when you get a print off it(even gently)
  • Live with the same mat we already have and pay $16 every time it tears

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I understand that some users have had issues with the print mat tearing, but I have not seen that. I’ve printed well over 100 items now on my pad and have had nothing but success with it. No rips or tears. As I’ve stated previously, right wrong or indifferent, I use the green handled scraper from Japan to remove prints and not once has it even attempted to dig in or mar the pad. YMMV. -Lance


OK, a few 100 attempts don’t matter to the mat … but some time, a piece of raft will stick so hard it doesn’t come off through scraping.
Eventually the mat internally degrades … when this happens, even carefully lifting a part tears off a bit of the mat surface.
I smeared paper glue into the pits until there were more filled pits than mat.


I like the zebra plate. Been using it for a Year now, no issues, it works great…


The one with the delta upgrade kit had a lower adhesion level than the subsequent two I bought from the store. I had no problems with the original one until my wife helpfully removed a print using the scraper and left me with a hole.
The two new ones have been terrible to use. The first new one I tore holes in almost immediately trying to remove small prints. The second one has remnants of every print I’ve done on it and the left over prints partially sticks to the bottom of every new print.
I tried printing a couple of layers covering the whole mat and peeled it off to see if it removed the remnants with it but I ended up with some bits being removed and other parts now with the remains of the new print stuck to it as well.