Anyone thought of AstroPrinting their Flux3d?


I recently Astro Printed my Zim ZeePro with amazing results. I’m about to do my flash forges. Anyone thought of jail breaking their Flux3d and installing AstroPrint and dumping the current software?

With the new tool heads were printed groot

You cannot print via usb so how would you use Astroprint?


I would have to check how the board inside the flux connects, but basically, there is a raspberry pi and mega board inside the flux, if they are tied via usb, in theory, you should be able to replace the rasbperry pi sd card with an sd card with astroprint (and likely replace the usb dongle as astroprint is picky on those) and you should be up and running.


To what end? What are the “amazing results” you are seeing? I went to their page and didn’t really see that it was amazing. Flashy GUI and all… but I didn’t delve DEEPLY into it. Really asking, what makes AstroPrinting so special?


It works - every time I use it.

It supports usb cameras and printing remotely over the web. Most importantly, it works.

That being said, I’d likely loose the ability to scan and use the laser etch head.


My flux works. Flawlessly. But I would like it to have more control options… Which I think are coming. What are the advantages of quality or manipulation and control?


yeah, I think one of mine is weaker wifi signal wise than the other, I have a repeater comming in today for my office, hopeing that takes care of it.