Anyone in Japan 日本に住む人


Anyone in Japan wanting a FLUX I will send mine to you. I am done with PLA printers. It was great to learn with but…

私はプリンタを販売したい。 または、学校にそれを渡す。


yeah… i google translated that… 2017, (I want to sell printers or give them to schools) but i am not in Japan, are you looking forward to getting experience with SLA printers or something? your a great user here, why are you qutting?


maybe he wants another printer with heated bed, to try more materials


he’s done? so he shouldn’t be going for another printer right?


I have had enough with the PLA. I spent time last week in Tokyo looking at samples from a wide range of machines and for what I want to do I am going to go with a resin based machine. The detail and lack of shrinkage are issues. We are looking at investment casting for stone settings an other stuff that requires clean work.

I am just looking for somewhere in Japan to send the printer as the shipping fee would be reasonable.

Keeping it for the laser is an option.