Anybody Got Their Printer from the Website

I purchased the printer a few weeks ago on the website for the pre-ordering. I haven’t got any notification yet whether it is being shipped. Their website said it will come in at April 2016 so I assumed end of year but I’m being skeptical that they wont deliver on time. Is anybody experiencing the same thing I’m going through or has bought one through their website and not on Kickstarter?


I don’t believe they are finished shipping the Kickstarter printers yet. And from all accounts, no pre-orders will go out until after the backers get theirs. Sorry, but try to be patient. I assure you it is worth it.

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I have it on good authority that you will not have to wait much longer. Give it a month more until you worry. Perhaps be surprised by less time than that for announcement.


Yes, there are quite a few of us Kickstarter supporters who are still awaiting shipment notice from the Fluxers, so I would expect to receive ours before website orders.

04.18 Update
Received Flux today
5 calendar days(incl. weekend) after receiving first DHL notice.

I’m one of the pre-order customer. Got a mail from [email protected] on 3/17/2016 with updated shipping date for all pre-orders. Pre-Orders will be shipped on 4/29/2016.
So a little bit patience is needed till we got our Flux Delta.

I’ve not even gotten my order for PLA yet. They allowed themselves 2 weeks before they even ship (from when I placed my order)…and it’s unclear exactly how fast it’ll ship…just hope the order gets here before my spool runs out. I’m a little wary of using other sourced PLA, at least until I’m past the 3 month warranty (you apparently void the warranty if you use non Flux PLA). Bit of a bummer.

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Hi tomtux,
I pre-ordered mine in May.2015 and stopped getting update e-mails since this January, neither receiving the mail you mentioned. Just wondering when did you pre-order?
I am in Taiwan by the way…

Hi Po_Yen_Hsieh,
I pre-ordered the Flux on 1/1/2015. But I didn’t get any e-mail since then except the one I mentioned. I think your Flux will also be shipped on 4/29/2016. May be you can try to reach them via e-mail and ask about your pre-order.
Good luck!

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I must apologize that we did poor communication with pre-order customers, and by sending some announcing emails doesn’t work really well.

Currently, we can produce around 700 units per week - thanks to the support of our OEM, so we’re pretty confidence that pre-order units can be shipped before the end of April.

Most important of all, we will soon release a pre-order survey to let you choose the color of your filaments, confirm again with your latest address and the shipping cost - so check your inbox next week to fill out the survey.

Meanwhile, I encourage pre-order customers to download and play around FLUX Studio ( with VC++ if you’re using Windows ), and see if there will be compatibility issue in advance.

Hope this can answer your questions.


Thank you @simon for this pleasant news about pre-orders.

It’s amazing that you and your OEM can produce so many units per week. Now, I’m looking forward to the e-mail with the survey.

I ordered mine in the middle of February through the website (not Kickstarter) so am in a similar situation as the original poster. I got an initial email from flux confirming pay payment and stating that my printer should ship in April but no specific date. From what you all say it should ship on 4/29/16? Where are you getting that info? Every one keeps posting about there backer numbers. Do I have a backer number or is that only for people who ordered through Kickstarter? It’s hard for me to believe I will get it by April when I keep reading all these posts and comments about people who ordered one well before me and still have not received anything.


The 4/29 date is where the last Kickstarter “people” are getting their printer. So then Website shipments should start.

No, a backer number is only for kickstarter.

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