Amazing print quality discovery!

so i just cleaned up all the rods and magnets and lubricated my printer, i did a high quality print of a holder for my HTC vive wands, it has shifted layers/digital skin disorder thing at the beginning, only the beginning. why?

i started the print in the morning, had some people over at the table and i was at the table using the computer too… when people are around it and create movement around the table, the table shakes a bit and gives it the skin disorder thing, after i slept and woke up the next day, the part that was printed in the night time was PERFECT, no layer shifting, no under extrusion, no artifacts… just none of that stuff :slight_smile:

and to finish this off, the next day when i woke up, the print was still active, as i said it was perfect, but since i started using my PC again it degraded :frowning: had layer shifting again.

CONCLUSION: get a seperate table for your printer lol