Almost 2 colour print with FLUX!

I have been trying to see if I can fool FLUX to print in 2 or more colors. The picture shows the results, although not perfect, the process is very close to working but manually only. I thought by loading a g-code file generated outside FS-v0.3.4, I could fool the filament detector. I created the g-code for a 10mm side cube, with no fill inside to see how clean the color change would be. I inserted a G4 “pause” command to be able to pull the filament by hand and change to a different color. As soon as the filament is out, the error message comes up but once the filament is changed, hitting Retry button in the error window a few times forces the machine to continue to print from where it was stopped. I inserted the G4 just before a new layer but if there is some infill, changing the filament during the infill would probably give cleaner color transitions on the outside perimeter. I tried to push out by hand all the filament before continuing and as it can be seen, I almost succeeded in my 2nd try. By the way I also tried M0 and M600 commands but I don’t thing the present FS-v0.3.4 has those commands incorporated. One more note, just before the G4, I give a G1 command to move the toolhead away from the print.


I like the idea of being able to insert a pause. I haven’t played around with any external slicers so I had to just pause the printer and swap the filaments on my attempts but that requires hanging around the printer and trying to guess just when to pause it. It would be nice if flux studio could give you an optional pause on whatever layer you chose on the slice preview. I have been dreaming of doing multicoloured lithophanes… but anyway here’s one of mine>

It would be nice if there was an option to change filaments during printing, It would have to do the following:

It pauses the print, ejects the filament, you then insert new filament, it then does the normal extraction, you wipe the excess off the tip, then continue printing.

I second that… It would also require the layer number knowledge for precise changes at the right time. I would like a indication of the layer being printed in the progress window.
@simon: I know your plate is already full but please give a reply to say if that would be possible at some stage!

I’ve been printing multi-color for a while now. I just time when I want to make the change. For instance, if the estimated time is 2 hours, I set an egg timer (digital really) for an hour. Then I pause the print, hold the feed lever down and pull the first color filament out. I then hold the lever down and manually feed the second color filament down the tube until it bottoms out. I then resume the print. The results are pretty flawless. The entire operation can be done in 30 seconds or less.

I use only externally fed filament. This makes filament changes much easier.

Here is my roller:
Here is my clip on filament guide: