Aligning the Project


I changed the Parameters in the preferences to inches, however, what is the deal with the layout screen in Beam Studio that has grid lines and numbers?? I can center something on that screen and it does not print centered on my material. What am I doing wrong?? I just opened and set up the machine yesterday and I am spending a lot of time trying to figure out the alignment.


Hi Rosalie,

You should be able to correlate the grid/ruler on the Beam/Flux Studio with the same measurements inside the BeamBox measuring FROM 0,0. I emphasize “FROM 0,0” as that is the “home”, or too left, or geometrically 0,0 starting point in either mm or inches. I had to experiment to identify 0,0 with several tests and established my 0,0 was really 18,20 mm… this started my laser head in the honeycomb bed and not on the solid aluminum framing. But “better” perhaps is to place the item you wish to engrave/cut and then take a preview scan over your object to be engraved/cut (select an area clearly larger than your workpiece). Once the scan is done you select your electronic graphic and place it within the preview representation of your workpiece. Just for grins, I place a 1”x21”x1/4” board across the top off my support bed (but up against the bottom of the aluminum frame and a 1”x15”x1/4” board on the honeycomb bed but inside, and up against the left aluminum frame. So I create a two sided 1/4” tall frame which pushes at the top and left aluminum frame that stands maybe 1/16” above the honeycomb bed. Inside that wood frame I can push all my workpieces to the exact same 0,0 point (which is more like 43mm,45mm on the software bed. If I have to put my workpiece back and engrave/cut more/deeper I simply push it into my wood framed top left corner. Regardless, I always preview my workpiece and ensure my graphic fits on the workpiece as I want.