Advanced settings


does anybody know if there is a manual that tells you about the advance settings and how each one affects the 3d print design?


Hope it might help


Thanks for that.
Considerably better than nothing!


I also have the tips from Simplify3D forum


I’m teetering on the brink of committing to Simplify3D and am reading my way through the relevant thread.


You have few weeks trial period on the S3D. I’ve been used for 5 months and love it. The most useful features that I’ve been used every print are viewing, cross section, customize support structures, import multiple models and arrange, duplicate model, place surface on bed, fast slicing engine and repair model before slicing, review gcode in graphical view, and easy and intuitive advance settings. Here is my Flux setting profile for Hatchbox filament.


Thanks - your enthusiasm - and the flying start from your profile have convinced me to give it a go,.
Have you run ColorFabb’s nGen on Flux?


Never try it and I did check out, it’s expensive.


Sure is - but I need the temperature resistance and I have given up on ABS even on a printer with a heated bed.


3DFuel and ProtoPasta are both offering PLA filaments that can be annealed for higher temp resistance and strength.

I have no experience with either of them, but they both seem to be less expensive than nGen and easier to work with.

3DFuel Advanced PLA

ProtoPasta HTPLA


@BoozeKashi - Thanks for the tip.


OK - I’ve started to use Simplify3D with nGen which doesn’t seem too keen to stick well enough to my BuildTak clone surface - now trying a raft.
Have you found a way of getting the Flux to do the full 4 point calibration?
I’m only getting calibration at the centre.


Try a new delta and tool head firmware with FS 0.3.19.


Thanks again.
That restored four position calibrating but no improvement in my adhesion problem.
I’m trying to print something with a long narrow base (108mm x 6mm) and one end, always the same end, just won’t stick properly…
Looks to me as though the build plate is just not flat enough so I’ll try glass.


Glass is a best alternative base plate. Go for it.


Thanks for the dropbox guide, that is very helpful.

Perhaps the next version of FLUX Studio could include “tool tips” or something like that where there’s either a pop up bubble that specifies whether each setting is 1 or 0 or if it’s a range of values that you can adjust more discreetly than just on and off. Or maybe a short comment could be added next to each value explaining the acceptable range that it can accept.

I ask because of some confusion on the “retract on travel move” setting. It seems like it should be either a 1 or 0, but the field accepts 2, so it made me wonder if it’s a retract distance instead of a simple on/off switch…