A Glance at FLUX SDK


Hi guys,

We’ll have a formal announcement regarding open source later this month, but I’d like to share some great news here in advance. After a long series of making preparations, we’ve released our codebase on Github, and started writing SDK documents, so you can now control FLUX Delta programatically! A gcode-fcode conversion tool is released as well, so you can generate your own gcode.

Regarding customizing toolheads, we will later release design guidelines and example code, and now you can peak a little bit in the references for hardware extensions.

Hope you enjoy the news!

Flux's "Open Platform and SDK" & New Modifications

GREAT NEWS! :heart_eyes:


I’m looking ahead to get busy with Flux printer.



Any docs for the print head?


what are you looking forward to accomplish through the toolhead? are you trying to raise the temperature and run it with certain path? or just to raise it so you can use the pin to unstuck the filament inside?


Wondering what I will do when a print head breaks, if it’s easy enough to roll my own, I would with some upgrades.


Is it possible to have the source code of flux studio?


You can find it on the flux3dp Github page (as mention in the description) : https://github.com/flux3dp/flux-studio