A 3d scanner in addition to Flux Delta


The 3d scanning feature of Delta+ saved my work hours many time. But I have lot’s of cases when i need to digitize a huge object, or a part of it. I build diaramas, and use lot’s of second hand scrap, 3d print additions for it. I thik that maybe a handheld scanner can be good solution to optimize the process. Right now I’m looking at Eva Lite, I’ve rented the full version of Eva and it was what i need and I was told that the only difference between Eva and Eva Lite is that Lite doesn’t capture the color whish i don’t need.
The thing is… It’s a bit too expencive for me. Perhaps someone could advice me on a cheaper analog?


Hi there, I currently own and use a shining 3d einscan pro+ and it’s amazing and far cheaper.

Any questions DM me