3rd Party software? What has been your experience? A Noob's point of View


Flux does store data outside of it’s program folder contrary to the belief in here.

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Flux Studio\ contains some information specific to the application.


For those of you that use Simplify3D I have what might seem to be a simple to answer question. I use S3D for my other printers, Makerbot Replicator Dual and a Kossel delta printer, but they are connected directly to my computer through a usb cable. When using S3D do you generate the gcode and put it on a thumbdrive to run it on flux or is there a way to send it directly from S3D?


Since my printer is always connected on home wifi network, I always upload a gcode file to SD folder and the printer firmware does the conversion to fcode (Flux native file), then start print from FS.


@goldensnake When you upload the gcode to the Flux sd file could you tell me step by step. I have never done that before.
And does it do the auto hieght test before it starts like when I run Flux Studio from scartch?


I have post how to import a gocode file on the post New software version release 3.7
About the auto height test and other test, the test should be checked by your 3rd party slicer.


I buyed simplify3d and only use this slicer for my flux. But still, there are 2 points which are missing in this software.

  1. Small perimeters speed. I sometimes have problems with little poles or something, that they are printed horribly compared to the rest of the print.

  1. Infill only where needed. Can i find something similar to this in simplify3d?

Both of them are available in slic3er, but not in s3d.
How are you managing this?


I have a same experience when printing a small diameter object. I add “Outline/Perimeter Shells” to 2 for better thick wall since no infill on these. Here is my latest fff file.


Got the same problem… did not find a setting yet to fix small objects or pointy objects… did try printing with 3 perimeter / outside shells and the problem.is still there.


Do you have a link of the STL model, so I can view it print gcode of the model on S3D?