3rd Party software? What has been your experience? A Noob's point of View


I’m a painter and palette means something else to me. Since I don’t see paints or paintings in the photo I have to assume that the palette you mention is something else?


Your assumption is spot-on correct. The Palette is an interesting bit of external kit. It allows one to fuse different colors of filament using the device’s mechanicals and interface to position the color changes appropriate to the desired location of printing those colors in the model.

It will be interesting to learn if it works with the Flux.


Sweet! Do post photos. Thanks.


That is cool!!!

Would love to see the results!


UPDATE SIMPLIFY 3D and the new kid in the block and it’s free.

CraftWare. https://craftunique.com/craftware

I still recommend S3D to handle the printing but what I like about Craftware is how informative it is when slicing. It actually has an animated image that determines the option you are trying to change. The description and definition and what each and every options means, is invaluable for a Noob like me, hopefully it could help others understand better the options in FLUX.

It still is in the beta stage but for those that are new to the 3D printing world, I would recommend to take a look at that program to help better understand the abilities a 3D printer can accomplish.

Look up videos about Craftware to understand more of what I am talking about or just go to the website and download it yourself…it’s worth taking a look especially when it’s free.

Just my input that I wish to share with everyone…


downgraded to the 0.3.0 too…


Since the FLUX is not really considered a program, I am able to have all the versions installed on my computer without any problems.

For windows users, just name the install folder something else (I have it as FLUX 30, FLUX 32, FLUX 33. Each program is able to run without any configuration changes. I still use S3D for configuration and to use the G-Code.

So no need to downgrade or anything.


Hi guys, i tried printing using Gcode from S3D, it seems the printer would only do calibration on the center, is this normal?


The calibration should be as same as before, three in each side and a center.


I also have this problem, when I use g-code from simplify3d it only do on the center, not on the other points, but when I user the slic3r from the flux studio, it does the normal calibration.


What are your configurations in S3D? I have no problem with it, in fact, I want to know your problem so I can replicate for me. I would rather it have calibrate in the middle than all 4 points…faster that way.


I’ve found that it depends on how you “import” the gcode from Simplify3D. If you use the big “import” button in the middle of the Flux Studio screen, then it will only calibrate on the center and then begin the print. HOWEVER, if you “upload” the Simplify gcode through the device manager directly to the SD card, then it will perform the normal calibration in all the corners as well as the center. Hope that helps!


Exactly like AmnNate described, I imported gcode from the big import button, and it did only the calibration on the center, will try to upload to sdcard next time.


Hi All,
Does anyone know how to delete a file on SD folder in Flux printer? Big thanks.


@goldensnake Just select the file and then hit the keyboard delete


I don’t know if other have experienced this, but I notice that if I used simplify3D the head move more faster than using the slicer of the flux studio, and when is printing the honeycomb infill this cause to move the print (I’m using the profiles that were posted here on this thread). Anyone had this problem too?


Depending on what you are printing, you will need to adjust the default speed to accommodate what you are printing. I sometimes increase the speed when printing something simple like a vase but something small or if I am doing multiple parts, I lower the speed. Up to you, the FFF profiles posted are just a rough guide for you to use. Each home and each person have their own “sweet” spot in options when printing. You just have to find yours. Trial and error. More error but once you learn, you have fewer and better prints. I know from my own experience (first time 3d Printer) that the beginning prints I had are nothing compared to the prints I am able to dish out now. Better quality and faster (sometimes) but always gets better.


Exactly like how AmnNate described, i imported using the big import botton, and it does calibration only at the center.
when i upload to sdcard however, it says Gcode will be converted to Fcode, not sure what Fcode is, does it mean Fluxcode?


I’m getting better results with my printer now, but I just notice when I printed something yesterday at night (using S3D), the print finished like in the middle of the night and the fans keep on for hours, until I wake up and turn off the printer myself to shut down the fans. So maybe I’m missing some instructions or something, because I didn’t have this issue using the slicer of the flux studio, but when I use S3D this happen (I already try to check the parameters of the ending script in advance option and I have the same instructions on the ending script that I have on simplify3D so maybe is something else.
So any one had this problem too? and if has it, how do you resolve it?


I will try to add M107 (Fan off) after M84 on ending script of S3D when I get home. Would you try it and let me if it works.