3d lifesized camper single piece print


I thought some of you might find this interesting. This is starting on Monday in the city where I live. I’ve been into the cafe a couple of times and have seen the printer. It’s quite the show. They are only doing a very short livestream (let’s face it a 14 DAY print is not that interesting to watch for a long period of time…).

I’ll see if I can wander down to the cafe next weekend (it’s about a 5 min drive from my house) and maybe grab some pictures in process if people want to see it.


Ok let’s see if I can get these to load.

So the print started Thursday (not Monday) - there was a delay on the pellets arriving (the whole thing is being printed with tpe pellets).

The footprint is 16ft - talked to the owner of the cafe today, they plan to do a 19ft next and think they can get up to a 20-22ft.

They are using S3D and a bunch of trickery for slicing (had to do some tomfoolery between a few programs to get it to accept the dimensions and configuration).

The layer high is about 1.75mm and width is about 10mm. He showed us one of the nozzles side by side with a standard one - it’s gigantic (sorry didn’t think to get a picture).

Its a good thing this thing is in a cafe and not a warehouse since they’ve had someone there to babysit 24/7. So at least there are couches to crash on and coffee!

Revised estimate is 8-10 day print. They are hoping to give “tours” where we can walk through it on the 23-25th. And hoping to possibly have it at the makerfaire in Saskatoon on the 26th of May (possibly after adding seating cushions etc).

Apologies for the glare. The printer is in the back room behind glass with crazy lighting.

There is a 60-70 C degree shift from inside the cafe to outside. Its damn cold here right now and they have the printer room hovering between 35 and 40 degrees to prevent shrinkage.

Not sure if you can see the line in the print where they started the second alice (where the dinette ends) with the flash/lighting. There will be about three shifts (according to owner) - including one where they drop the whole thing 6inches to shift the Z index to gain a bit more head room before completing the roof.

If any other people on the forums are in Sask (or in Canada and happen to be travelling through Sask) I highly recommend checking it out. Really cool to watch.

Edit: Fixing dates (shouldn’t try typing long posts on a phone)


Last post on this :slight_smile:

The camper is done. And the news put up a nice walkthrough (including where they can put the ice fishing hole…yah…we’re Prairie Canadians haha!).


The TPE is clear natural (it’s the lights in the printer room making it glow blue).


That is great, thank you for sharing!!


Cool. When you first posted about it, I had thought the motivation behind it was as an art piece, but from the news clip it’s clear the designer has commercial motivations, so kudo’s - 3D printing pushing the boundaries again. :+1:


Absolutely commercial motivations.

Sorry I grabbed the article for Sask Polytech because it had more actual details about the print. A bunch of the others focused more on the commercial aspect. I believe at the time the plan was to price the prototype around $25k cad (with customization then increasing from there).

That may have changed now though, after going through the process once. They definitely did encounter some challenges. Its not quite as seamless as they wanted. But they think they have a possible fix for that.

I’m still unconvinced that I’d want to sleep in that in -40C on a lake… But I’m not an ice fisher. :stuck_out_tongue: