#162 Toolhead tilt detected - but no rod is disonnected


Sometimes, about all 2-3 hours in a print, this error occurs. Anybody an idea, what i could do about this? Its a bit annyoing, when i let the printer work, while im at work too, and when i come back home, i can see, that about 10 minutes after i leave it alone, it stops the print for an error, which is not a real error.


The past two nights I was getting a very small toolhead tilt error. None of the rods were disconnected. I suspect maybe friction with a rod caused a disconnection to happen, triggering the error, but reconnected. I greased the rods a bit and haven’t gotten any more error. I let the printer run all night and everything went well.


That was exactly the point i was going to make. Using the grease jar giving by FLUX :slight_smile: thank you for that, greased each of the metal balls lightly, and I haven’t had a problem with that at all.


It certainly keeps the Flux in working order. In fact, I’m almost out of the included lubricant.

Anyone know exactly what that stuff is? Is it simply white lithium grease? I’d like to order some more before I run out. Thanks!


The Rods ARE greased, but maybe i have to renew the layer of grease sometimes… on the rods, the grease will become dusty and black after a few prints. Another question is, do you lube the piles too? Or just the rod-heads?


I don’t think it’s lithium grease as it does not have the same “greasiness” as my containers of lithium grease. It does appear to be of the same consistency as the stuff I received with my Emblaser laser cutter (another Kickstarter success) and I’ve found locally a teflon based lubricant, generically called plumbers grease. Relatively low priced, easily found in my area, it appears the same in use as the Flux provided lubricant.


Can you post a photo of printing Delta?


Thanks for the tip. Still, I went ahead and ordered this: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Lube-92003-Lubricating-Translucent/dp/B0081JE0OO?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00
as a refill since I’m running low. I’ll report back once it arrives and I get to try it out.


I experienced “toolhead tilt” a lot … until I put some lithium grease on the vertical rods and the magnetic joints. After I did, the printer audibly ran much smoother and gone were the errors.
Btw., it is a good idea to detect a tilted printhead … but I’ll better open a new thread about this.


My guess is that there’s a poor contact between the rod ball and the socket. But you can override the sensors by putting a piece of tinfoil across the four contacts at the top of the toolhead.