#124 Unable to calibrate origin with Lasers


I can’t seems to make it work with engraving, others would just work fine. I tried the tin foil trick as well but its not working


So when you have the laser installed, the homing process (all 3 carriages move up and calibrate their Z-max endstop) doesn’t work? That’s strange, because those switches are part of the machine that doesn’t change when you install the laser toolhead…


Detaching the type c cable will allow the machine to calibrate. But I can’t engrave with that…


Is the USB cable blocking the homing process? Did you try to rearrange the USB cable as shown here: https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/215794128-Troubleshooting-124-Unable-to-calibrate-origin

If this does not help, please upload a video of the homing process. It’s difficult to help you when we can’t see the problem.