#119 printer toolhed is unable!


#119 printer toolhed is unable
#118 printer toolhed is unable to heat


Have you solved this? Do you think it’s related to the newest version of Flux studio, or do you think you have an issue worth opening a support ticket over?


The technical support answered me !

(The problem is caused by a bad matching of the cable and the connector. Replacing both will solve the problem. The instruction is below and if you think it’s possible to replace them yourself, we will send you the parts as soon as possible and this will be the quickest solution)



Need to do maintenance on top part of printer

I’m having this problem right now. But my C-Cable and Board are new, I’ve already received new ones since I had another problem. My toolhead is brand new too…Did you solve this?


I have the same problem, change the head and the micro-C cable, but stops heating, have all updated to the latest version, but it is a torture Implimir