#117 Module no response


I have had #117 Module no response twice now. It’s more than just annoying because it requires the restarting of both the flux machine and studio. I am running studio 0.3.4 Win10x64, flux 1.0b20, tool 1.1.2

It happens when I press the Flux button to stop the filament loading.
The filament stops loading but the studio says #117 Module no response. The flux button stays on solid white. The device monitor says “maintaining”. If I go to Load Filament again the filament will feed again and stop when I press the flux button again, but this time without the #117 alarm. If I try and start a print though the file is uploaded and after “processing” the Flux button flashes once but then the display stays on “processing” and the machine does nothing. I have to restart both the flux machine and studio to get past the “processing” point.

I think it might be because when I am loading filament, I am standing between the machine and my wifi router and this maybe causes the “module no response”. Has anyone else had this alarm?


Thanks for the reporting. I think this is probably a bug. I’ll have my colleague check it.