#111 Toolhead incorrect


Trying to use the new cutting tool and after calibrating I get #111 Toolhead incorrect Please attach the correct toolhead. This happens after I hit start. After hitting retry it gives error #124 Unable to calibrate origin. Any suggestions?


Do you have any toolhead connected to de USB cable? I get this error when I use my self-made vinyl cutter and the printing toolhead is still connected to the USB cable. Remove the USB cable an try again. Hope that helps.


Thank you. That did the trick. I had just moved the print head up on top of the machine.


Next question. I just did a test and it cut through the vinyl and into the pad. The cutter is just a tiny bit out of the toolhead and I did the height calibration. Did you set the offset manually?
Also what kind of precision should I expect. If you can see my picture of the design vs the cut. The letters are not very straight

Thanks for the help.


I don’t have the original Toolhead from Flux, just my self-made version. But with my head, it is very important to set the correct offset. Try to set the offset, that it cuts only the vinyl and not the paper. I think you get better results when you’re not cutting in the pad.