Yet another spool holder for the Flux Delta


Lol. That’s just from here -

I was having an issue with the Dremel pad getting a bit caught in the feeder, so I was looking for a scrap project that would act as a good buffer. I had this around, and he works perfect.


i am working on a standing spool holder right now, since i dont want my spools to lie down lol. will update when it’s done :slightly_smiling:


took a lot of hours but i’m done:


all parts are 3d printable and require no screws, metal or anything else :slight_smile:

How are people solving the spool size?

Is this Spool holder for a 1 kg Spoiler?


as far as i can measure, as long as your filament is under 28 cm in diameter you could easily fit a 1 kg filament on it.


I made a filament guide clip that makes using an external roll easier.


And here is my remix of a spool roller that works really well for me with my filament guide.