Why Flux is limited to 170cm diameter prints?


@proclaim, @wei :

In the Preference window, in the Machine pane, at the very bottom there is a setting “Machine Radius” it shows 96.7mm. I suppose that is the dimension used for the movement test. The test is successful every time and it is successful even when I set the Radius to 99.7mm.

According to my tests, the platform radius limit of 85mm could be greater but for some reason it is set smaller in Flux Studio. Why is it set smaller than what the machine can do? Could you change the firmware to access a bigger platform surface for 3D printing? Or at least give us an option to bypass the 170mm diameter limit.

While at it, could you also set the nozzle Temperature limit 5 or 10 C higher, since now we have a metal bottom cover in the print heads? If I remember right, I could print at 135C when I first received my Flux in April 2016.

Flux staff, could you please comment on these issues?



Is the smaller diameter the same size as the new magnetic mat?


The magnetic mat is about 178mm, which may be a limit. The movement mechanics does allow to cover almost 200mm diameter with the metal plate. However Flux Studio limits the movement to 170mm for no obvious reason. Basically the software cripples the machine. I think the software should have the option of using the Mat with 170mm diameter or the metal platform alone with a >190mm diameter built area. For some reason since day one it was limited to 170mm, even in the original specifications.


Question, can you screen shot the “machine radius” for me? because I don’t recall there’s anything under menu (FLUX Studio) > preference > machine (tab) and select a machine

the reason that the diameter is set to 170mm is to prevent print failure. Although the machine might be able to print at this extreme condition, but we can’t guarantee every print and that’s the reason for the limitation. ( I believe for power users like you, there could be a setting to bypass this limit )

for the tool head temperature, you can use “set toolhead temperature” from the menu (under each machine) while printing. It will bypass the temperature (from gcode or slice engine) and print at your desired temperature. Maybe this is will help?


The following is from the OS X version of FS v0.7.6 . I can input 93.7mm minimum and I tried 99.7mm maximum for Radius, both worked fine with the “Movement Test”. I did not try >99.7mm, I did not want to take a chance.

I also agree it may be good to play safe but as an option you could give the users access to a bigger area, with a warning that specs will not be guaranteed beyond 170mm.

I did not know that setting the temp under the machine would bypass the limitation. Good to know, I will try it next time I am using PETG. The filament I was using needs about 235C and 230C was not doing justice.

Thanks for the quick response and the Flux printer has improved tremendously since last April, you guys are doing an excellent job.


the radius feature was released while I was gone, that’s why I was out of the circle. (haha, my bad). Let me put this into our discussion pool. thanks for the comments! =)


Unfortunately the Set Toolhead Temperature option maxes out at 230 as well… you can enter say 240, but it will then jump back down to 230. Same if you enter 0 - it will jump up to 60.

I wonder if we can be really sneaky though, and simply alter the temperature gcode setting in the Advanced -> expert settings, as it doesn’t appear to be bounds checked… I entered 240 and the general tab said 240 for the print temperature, and it was still there after I hit apply. Probably also change the material_print_temperature, and material_print_temperature_layer_0 settings also just to be doubly sure also… the first should be the same as temperature, and the second is for the first layer temperature.


@proclaim: I tried but I cannot set it, where do you see “set toolhead temperature” ? I cannot set it passed 230C as @pfeerick mentioned, it goes back to 230. And if I change it in the Expert Menu to 235C, it gives me an error, tells me to set it between 10 and 230C.


One problem is the hot end because it has Ptfe tube inside, and if you go above 240 Celsius for too long will burn the tube and ruin your hotend, so you need to have full metal hotend to go above safely


Should Flux has another tool head can handle Hi temp above 230C for sale. @Darkmax said the limitation of the current tool head is on a ptfe tube inside a hotend.


That would be nice… then we could consider some way of adding a heat-bed, and then ABS could be a consideration also… I don’t mind loosing 2-3 cm in height to gain that! :wink:


I know about the 240C limit and have no intention on going passed but I need to be able to go to at least 235C for PETG.


I think our patience will be rewarding. Since I installed the new extruder, all my print are almost perfect. So the hardware is :ok_hand:, Flux team can focus on HDK kits for further expand on its capabilities as designed in a beginning.


I think there shouldn’t be a problem pushing the temperature to 235C. FS is limiting this to 230 because the Teflon tube might be ruined with that temperature.

I’ll post the steps on how to do this later.