Where to buy? & Scanner

 Good day all.
 The world of 3D printing is new to me, although I knew it existed quite a few years ago.
 Right now we do not own a 3D printer which leads me to the reason I joined this forum. I did like the flux printer but I don't seem to find a way to get a quote let alone buy it. Their site states it is out of stock and there is no telephone to call. My question is: Am I at the right web site or is there another one? I am visiting https://flux3dp.com/store/#.
 Also I have been browsing the posts about the scanner. To tell you the truth the first client I would have for work made on the Flux printer is very interested in scanning old parts for which they do not have drawings. By the posts it seems like the Flux scanner is not very reliable. Does anyone use an alternative scanner? My application would be to generate a solid and then start to generate the drawings for fabrication using Creo Elements of Solidworks.

Thanks for any reply.



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Nobody has said it, but my guess is that FLUX is working on version 1.1 right now, and they’ll be available soon. They shipped every pledge from the original KS campaign, but I’m not sure about the pre-orders and other sales.

As far as scanning goes, the way you say “parts for which they do not have drawings” makes me think that you’re talking about engineering parts with critical dimensions… You’re going to be very disappointed with anything below a few thousand dollars. You’re going to want laser metrology equipment, not a hobby grade scanner.

disclaimer - I haven’t tried this in a long time, so there have been several software updates since these results*
Here’s a scan that I did as a test. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1368773

 Hi Jimustanguitar, thank you for your response. It is very helpful. I can make more real assumptions based on your post. You assume right, I am in the mechanical design business and my first intention was to produce prototype parts for the new products our clients make.


I recommend buying some other 3D printer and a separate, proven scanner. Flux didn’t live up to the hype and it looks to me like they are trying to walk away.


Thanks bill1. I appreciate the advice.


They did announce upgrade kits in the future for the flux to backers which will fix the scanner.


Where and when did they announce this? I never hear from them…


Under longer warranty coverage section, they mention it.