When will spares be available?


I just had to strip down my 3d printing toolhead, take it entirely apart and clean out a crap load plastic that had leaked out of the hotend and mucked up the inside of the toolhead. It had stopped feeding filament, and I figured that was the cause. Field stripping one of these suckers is NOT a trivial task, however, and all those tiny wires scare me. Breaking those solder points won’t take much fooling around.

I’d really like a backup on hand asap.

Anyone know the specs on the filament tubes used inside the hot end? and the size of the extruder? I’d like to swap that for a stainless steel one.


Is the tube inside of the hotend the same PTFE that they use for the bowden tube? I know that other nonmetal hotends use the same material.

For the drive gear, your guess is as good as mine. I’m not sure which one they’re using or where to source them.


Seems to be thinner, outside diameter, than the other… I really want those specs, and a link to source replacement tubing, because I had to clip an eighth inch off it due to heat warping and just plan damage. works well now, but you can only get away with cutting stuff off for just so long. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me measure what I’ve got at home. I ordered some that came in the wrong diameter. The ID is right for 1.75mm filament, but the OD was smaller than standard Bowden tube.


thanks. I hope the flux team releases a parts list sometime, or at least opens up a store to supply the parts needed to maintain the printer.


I’ve tracked down and put in an order for various parts I THINK will fit, will test them and post back later. Had to order a replacement for the filament guide in the hot-end because I’m getting blobs of burnt plastic occasionally marring my prints now and assume it’s because the guide is that eighth inch shorter, leaving that much more room to back up and burn in before eventually getting pushed out.

really REALLY want a spare print head. Experimenting on my only available one just isn’t a smart idea, even if it’s not really optional for the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking that they may provide / sell / repair / replace components, i.e. the assembled hot end itself, instead of giving people the design specs to go work on themselves.
This method would treat it more like an appliance instead of a hobby kit.


I’m fine with it either way, however if they were to release specs now while they’re still getting things setup for the future it would be nice for those of us who want to go a little beyond the measure of our single printers. Either way, I’ll be happy, but like I said, I want a spare print head asap.


This is killing me too. I’ve needed that inner tube for months and have been revisiting this forum for any resource I can get my hands on.


Please let me know where you found the inner tube for the hot end. Mine is completely cashed now for months and my prints are jacked up.


My tube inside the head melted today so I also need to replace this tube to continue using my flux but I’m not sure the specs of the tube, so if any has a idea, because it seems a little small that the ptfe that is to guide the filament to the feeder.


Search for Bowden tube, and I’m sure you’ll find something that works. There’s generally a SKU for 1.75mm filament and 3mm, but you’ll have to take it apart to know what kind to get for sure, I’ve seen some weird thin wall tubing that didn’t fit anything that I had. I haven’t been in that deep yet, so I can’t tell you what kind to get for sure.


@Darkmax can you check the diameter and the length of the ptfe that is melted if you have it disassembled and post pictures of the parts, specially the steel heatbreak sleeve? While checking the inside of an E3D clone I bought from China, I noticed a ptfe section 13.5mm long and 3mm outside Dia., maybe it is similar to Flux heatbreak. I posted the picture of the steel sleeve and ptfe.

You can purchase just the steel sleeve with the ptfe insert for a few dollars from ebay.

I also found you can just buy just the ptfe tubing… http://www.ebay.ca/itm/PTFE-F4-Tubing-Pipe-For-3D-Printer-1-75mm-Filament-RepRap-Rostock-/391119494305var=&hash=item5b1089dca1:m:mhHMiygQvWezOfZUDksxi_w

However, if you want an all metal heatbreak, you can get an all steel version with a smaller diameter, about 1.75mm, assuming the length and threads are identical to Flux’s heatbreak.

Plastic Tube in Print Head Replacements?

I think 3mm for the outer diameter is the correct size like you said, I prefer all steel, but I don’t want to disassemble more than it is yet, I want to check first with flux team (I already submit ticket, I hope they answer soon), but I think I will order a 3mm diameter ptfe tube.

thanks for the tip


Talking about spare parts, I had the part is also worn out and the plastic tube kept disconnecting from it. The part is a top part of Bowden tube fittings. It’s a 5mm Male Thread 4mm Push In Joint Pneumatic Connector Quick Fittings (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009ITFXDI/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)


I just took my hotend apart to replace the inner tube, this is what I bought as replacement:



I was able to get one print head working, but my second printer is still down. I’ll let you know what tube works best.


@albertzerok Any chance you can post some pictures of the internals of the toolhead?

My printer has been down more than a week, waiting on replacement for bad toolhead (assembly issues) that was mis-labeled, seized by Customs, and taken apart. They were kind enough to provide photos when they finally got around to asking what it was…

Trying to get Flux Team to understand that DHL has not delivered it is like pulling teeth. Um, check the signature maybe??? @Wei-Zhong @proclaim

Not happy, thinking about building my own hotend, just not sure about spotty software compatibility. The lack of support is getting old.


I know some of you are quite frustrated when tool head break down and wanted a spare to keep your job done. Just to calm your frustration, we’re preparing a so-called upgrade kit for the backers, which fixed most machine’s design flaw. Although I don’t have a timeline for that yet, but I hope this little news will get you guys excited.

meanwhile, I suppose you can open a new “complaint” thread with the title “I want a spare tool head” =P

actually, let’s not do that please =)


@proclaim Thanks for the update, that is exciting news.

A spare would be great too, but just trying to get a working tool head shipped :frowning:


I hope a fix for the filament feeder mechanism…