What WiFi router do you use?


Hi guys,

We would like to know what routers doesn’t support FLUX Studio by default. Reported by users and tested by ourself, following router models are able connect to the FLUX Delta:

Asus N16
Asus RT-AC87U
Buffalo G300N
Draytek Vigor 2920n
Netgear R7000

Xiaomi WiFi


Linksys E2000, although the DHCP lease doesn’t show the Flux on the list of connected clients.


Archer C7

It’s also a really well reviewed Router - http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-wi-fi-router/


Passed: Google OnHub


Passed: MiktoTik RB493AH


I use the Asus RT-N66R


I use Apple Airport Extreme, it works very well, the FLUX printer is in another room 10 m away with a concrete wall between.


I use a Netgear C6300 wifi cable modem at 1750AC wifi. I’m betting the flux connects on G band though. Kind of a bummer, but perhaps the module can be upgraded. Someday I’ll certainly tear into this thing to see what’s what. Gotta wait for the warranty to run out though.


I use Apple Airport Express and both windows and Mac version of Studio. No wifi problems.


On a somewhat related note… I’m planning to use my FLUX at work a little bit, and we have all Cisco Enterprise grade gear.

Because of the way our network is set up, I need to register the MAC address of any device that can’t authenticate manually (can’t open a web browser on it and log in). How do I find my Flux’s MAC address so that I can register it and try to connect it?


I have a linksys E2000 router to which my Flux Delta connects. When I opened the router page, selected status and client table, I found “raspberrypi” with an assigned IP address. That particular entry also shows the MAC address.

I suspect that you may be able to make a similar determination if you can connect to a router prior to your office connection.


I would think you’d be able to determine your printer’s MAC address from the settings page of your home router. Write it down and take it with you. Easy peasy.


@Jimustanguitar @AmnNate Yeah, you should look at your DHCP leases on your home router, and you should see it in there. Alternately, you can take a Wireshark or tcpdump trace and look for the ARP requests for the printer’s IP address.


Check out this video it might be helpful for the best wifi routers in 2017


NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band (R8000). It is the best that I know. I bought it here.


Apple Airport Extreme and Huawei HG630 from my ISP both connect to FLUX Delta without any problems.


ASUS RT-AC5300 is Best high-end router. i bought it here


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I use ASUS RT-AC56U, but always gets wrong IP address.
The correct IP should be 192.168.0.xxx, instead it gets
Any suggestion?


Passed: Billion (BiPAC) 7800NXL