What to do when the printer head jams itself into the platform?


windows 10
v 3.5 of the software
connecting rods are lubricated but printer head buries itself in to corner disconnecting the rod

I also discovered that the filament is not being fed into the machine either… is this what the filament is supposed to do… is the printer supposed to feed/pull the filament down the white bowden tube? answer = yes ( figured that out from reading the forums, NOT from tech support at Flux… )

here are the videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46mt8PwmF0M at 3:05

here’s the file

here’s the bug report
and again
http://pastebin.com/1S9C9dPu (tool head disconnect)

I am tired of entering eight+ fields every time I post a bug. The bug reporting sys at Flux should at least remember my sys specs! I’m logged in!

and FWIW, I have 3 open bug reports with NO response.

Please advise on
a) how to recover from a jammed printer head?
b) how to get attention from developers for bug fixes?
c) how to keep printer head from disconnecting rods


I saw the the linear actuators didn’t home position correctly. You will see the actuators will hit the limit switches on top with a clinching noise in a normal printer. Latest Flux firmware will be corrected that. You should try to update to a Flux firmware 1.1.7 and Flux Studio 0.3.12 to see it solves your problem. Note that you should use a plastic tube with a filament before inserting it to a feeder.


re: firmware and software

I have updated the firmware 1.1.7 and I’m using FS3.5.
Flux studio shows 3.5

but the code says 3.15 in the downloads

I’m using the latest code so the devs missed a ‘1’ in the info file.

Windows 10 does not SEE flux studio for uninstallation. I already tried that and I think it is one of my many movies I’ve made about flux so far.

Here is the video showing that FS is NOT seen by Win10 for uninstall:

So I’m not sure how to downgrade FS from 3.5 to 3.12.
re: filament
I have seen your post on loading the filament

here is mine showing Flux3Dprinter while loading filament and FAILING with a jam

to summarize

  • firmware and software are most recent on this machine
    *can’t downgrade software from 3.5 to 3.12 (a downgrade to fix a problem, that’s a problem right there)
  • filament (has or has not loaded?)

All above being said, I still have no fix for the Flux FAILING. Let’s bring it home for the (married) people at Flux: My wife is FURIOUS at me for buying this machine. 700USD paper weight of misery.

  1. There’s no uninstall Flux Studio on Windows version anymore, you just install over previous version. Flux Studio is still a beta version. I have Flux Studio 0.3.12 that’s working version on my PC. If you don’t have it, here is a link https://www.dropbox.com/s/f5ly31c1aj41jlb/fstudio-20160630-0.3.12-win-x64-stable.exe?dl=0
  2. Loading filament, you should insert and push a filament all the way to a tool head, you can see a filament through a clear plastic tube. You will try couple of times until finding a way to master it.
    I was there and done that when I first operated the Flux printer as well.


I’m using fs3.13. Works good still have bugs.


re: the bowden tube for the feeder…
The instructions didn’t mention it so I thought one was a spare… I used the SHORT one to connect to the head… unfortunately and now I cannot get it to detach! Is there a trick for separating the bowden tube from the head and the carriage?

re: software
I see that there is a NEW v. of the software
https://flux3dp.com/downloads v3.1.6 …

I just tested 3.1.6
-calibration fails head jams but I had no bowden tube connected so it’s the machine causing the jam not the bowden tube
here’s the video

-unload filament fails here’s the video:

I would warn people away from 3.1.6 based on my experiences so far.

thanks for your continued support and advice



The calibration feature doesn’t do what it intend, I let @proclaim to answer that. I did test couple of times on previous version and it faulted.
You should put the plastic tube back and start printing. There is some troubleshooting tips and helps that help you to know the printer in https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


I’m on 3.1.6, and did not have these issues. The only issue I had was the it crashed 2 times, then on the 3rd restart worked fine with one loss of printer connection during printing.



first of all, I want to apologize for those frustrations that you went through. If I were you, I would too!
let me make sure couple of things first:

  1. it looks like you put a lot of lubricant on the rod connecting to the head, just make sure that you did put them on the rod / sliding cart as well (from the video, I didn’t see that much compared to those on the head / rod)

  2. the plastic filament feeding tube shouldn’t make any difference when calibrating. the rod shouldn’t disconnect itself from the head / cart. However, if the plastic tube is short (which shouldn’t be) then it might also be the cause (However, we’ve not this case)

  3. make sure the filament is pushed all the way to the head as suggested @goldensnake. (the click sound is happened when the motor is pushing the filament but encountered a force back, thus the motor flipped and went back to the original position, causing the click

  4. any non-description error happened when the machine sends new error from machine to the software and the error state is not described. We shall hold a meeting and ask the hardware engineers to spit out all the error that the machine could send or else no lunch for us! (just kidding)

  5. I didn’t see much clue from the bug report that you sent, but if you’ve done the above, please do tag me and let me know and let’s go again from there.

ps. I am really sorry for the trouble you encountered, I have to admit that there are couple design flaw (like inserting the filament is really troublesome, I feel it too!) trust me, I do complain too =)
####Just to let all you guys know that we’re improving our product to make your life easier, but before that, thank you all for supporting!!!


@Proclaim - I just want to say, you have been incredibly diligent and helpful all over this forum. I am constantly impressed by your generosity and dedication. Thank you so much for helping us all to make our machines and your own product better. You guys truly seem to listen and attempt to implement features and fix problems we bring up. I’m supremely proud to be a part of this community as I watch this printer grow and get better. Thanks again, sincerely.