Warranty Policy Update


Seems like FLUX Delta Owners just got the proverbial boot with the warranty email.


$100 for a perpetually sold out proprietary printing toolhead and it comes with only 90-day warranty?


When we backed the original FLUX Delta, there was no convenient [*Experimental] tag next to the Scanner specifications.


Now that we are well out of warranty and being shown the door, does anyone recall any mention lately of all those other modules that were hyped at the beginning? The dual extruder, the ceramic extruder, the pastry extruder?


FLUX has been a really great company, I would never say otherwise, but this sudden shift seems a bit uncharacteristic. We never even made it to version 1.0 of FLUX Studio, and honestly, I can buy 2 genuine E3D V6’s for that price, I will have to seriously consider my options before investing further in proprietary tech with no coverage.

FLUX Delta+ Owners, I wish you the best of luck in carrying on the forums and the problem-solving.


Yup, I remember that, and haven’t heard a peep. The only new head is the vinyl cutter.

I love my Flux Delta, but if a few things don’t change soon, then I will not be a happy monkey. For example, we now have the ability to print via USB. So, is there going to be a way (or is there already?) to print gcode direct to the printer via the USB… meaning this printer will not be locked into the proprietary Flux Studio. Don’t get me wrong… flux studio is great… when it works. For example, I spend half an hour this morning (having no issues yesterday) loading a 10MB fcode file. Printer would disconnect whilst loading after I’d pressed start. Printer would disconnect whilst loading via upload. Printer would say it had disconnected whilst plugged directly in via the USB on another machine (WTF?)… but it did actually finished uploading. This would be a non-issue if I could plug simplifiy3d or octoprint directly in. Even better… I can browse the SD card… how about browsing a plugged in USB since the Delta obviously reads them since you can do an autoprint that way. It’s bad enough my other printer which does support gcode USB print responds with a non-standard response to M105, so I can’t get the temperature graph on Simplify3D (but OctoPrint does work it out). :stuck_out_tongue:

But I digress. Out of warranty. I get the extension of warranties for the Delta+ parts… it’s the second generation, refinements have been made, so they feel safer in offering the more accepted warranties periods. I am grateful for the upgrade kit deal, and that they have been so good for RMA to date… if something broke that shouldn’t have, they sent out a replacement and paid the shipping costs also. It would hope that if they are expecting us to wear the shipping costs in the future, they offer better options than just DHL (and research it for their own benefit also)… $20-40 for a plastic part is just not called for. Stick it in the regular mail, and it will arrive when it arrives.

And yes, the experimental tag has been there for a while… I think they realised as time progressed they bit off more than they could chew on that one… but it certainly wasn’t “experimental” in the early days when we backed it! :open_mouth:

I think we just need to settle back and wait to see how they respond to our concerns, as it would have been done to ensure the viability of the business long term… and they will be able to do things on a case-by-case basis, but not across the board.


@pfeerick @BoozeKashi i know… i saw their video saying that in the future they will have chocolate filament and other stuff. i actually bought the original delta last year but they took 10 months to deliver the flux so they upgraded my order and gave me free filament and $20 coupons for the long wait :slight_smile: .



That DHL silliness more than anything is my biggest complaint. They have a 100% track record so far of getting every single thing they send me seized by Customs because they mislabel every package as a 3D printer… and if it says DHL I will guaranteed have to pay extra. Use Taiwan Post and I would think about ordering more.


which printers do you have?


Flux Delta and Kodama Trinus. The Trinus was also a kickstarter - all metal leadscrew cartesian printer as opposed to the delta configuration of the Flux Delta (yes, the name seems to give it a way, doesn’t it!) They have just announced that all their kickstarter orders have finally been shipped, and are moving onto the support backlog… so the next few months should be interesting. It’s not the fastest printer in the world, but can do a really, really nice print, and can also be easily equipped with a CNC milling head (and already has the option of a laser engraver).


Kodama is getting ready to do another KS. The Kodama Obsidian. The campaign was supposed to launch in April but seems a little delayed now.

They were pretty upfront about pricing, base unit Early Bird for $99, KS Backer for $199, but if you want all the bells & whistles like wifi, lcd screen, etc. then it will be about $350. Not a bad looking printer, at least honesty in marketing plan too.


Yeah, its been pushed back so that they can deal with the backlog of support issues from the Trinus. As you say, it has a pretty good price-model, and is cheaper than the Trinus due to it being belt-driven rather than leadscrew, and has a slightly smaller build area also. It looks really nice though, and assuming it works as well as it seems… it will [be] a great cheap printer.


umm, if we’re going a lil against flux for not keeping their promises then don’t see this: http://makerarm.com/ :slight_smile:.

ahahaham see it!


Oh ffs… only $2,500 for the base unit, two heads and a high-powered laser cutter addon… but I want it! 3D printing… both FDM and SLA… you have got to be kidding me? CNC milling, laser engraving, laser cutting… and most importantly, a choclate paste extruder :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


exactly… well when we are a little more professional at 3D printing we should check it out… but I have hope in flux :expressionless:. well… this is just another thing to show flux to show them what they promised us. anyway, I knew this printer for a long time(a few months after ordering the flux) but it was too expensive to give up on the flux, anyway if I would get that one I would never know you guys! it basically does what every other machine does.


Hey, just to clarify, not going “against flux” in any way, just voicing concerns about new policy and pricing in terms of longevity and user investment perspective. Dealing with pricing (or if I finally tear down Old Leaky and see if I can mod her to drop in an E3D V6,) and convincing FLUX to stop using DHL for everything would go a long way to resolve a lot of issues for many of us. At least me and the Canadians who get whacked by Customs hard, but I order other printer parts, customer parts, tools and materials from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia at least once a week. Regular post, no problem, DHL guaranteed problem. Many years ago it was well known that acronym actually meant “Documents Hopelessly Lost”.

FLUX Team knows I can be (ok, usually… ok… always) am quite blunt and do not mince words, but I think it is pretty well known that I am also a backer since the beginning and very much still an advocate. (And yes, someday they WILL hire me :wink:)

I have looked at that Makerarm when it was first revealed a long time ago, and looked at it severl times several times since then. Strangely, still no reviews on it in the wild. The only videos are company produced. From an engineering standpoint, suction cups just are not going to cut it for CNC, in fact, one would need a pretty solid desk to bolt that sucker down since it’s working with just one arm.

The printing geometry has been tried before too, and failed miserably. Not that it can’t work, just that to print from a cantilevered pivot swing-arm like that takes some incredible precision and build tolerances to achieve any kind of repeatable calibration and decent print quality. Then wear becomes a MAJOR factor. For example, I know right now my good old FLUX Delta* is showing some signs of wear in the linear rail bearings, I can actually see the wobble, but with six bearings to bear spread that load it is mitigated. On the maker arm, all that cantilevered weight rests in a few key points and once a bit of wear starts, nothing will mitigate that.

It is pretty as hell though. :slight_smile: And I do want a chocolate extruder, but FLUX is capable of doing that. Someday. Soon. ???


yup, im not going against flux(hire me too ;)) thats why the lil was there, i am supporting them and i know flux will do it someday(if they see this post). :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting for that offer letter :laughing:

You got it in one… “pretty as hell” … but I seriously doubt if it will really work.

Be interesting to see if you can drop in a E3D V6… had head good things about it on other forums… and if you can’t… didn’t Flux release the API info ages ago so 3rd parties can design their own heads? That should shut the latest YT idiot up… go make your own if you don’t like the current one!


ouch… that’s harsh :frowning: , you do realise i cant make toolheads right? i mean i have no idea how! you do realise you probably won’t get hired if someone flags you for calling others idiots right? but they did say that they will have more toolheads and chocolate filament :slight_smile:. so im not forcing flux to do it, just reminding them of their promises.

even donald trump kept his promises better than flux


oh and even if i did know how to make a toolhead i would never be able to write the gcode generator code! and if i tried making one where would i get the materials, i can’t get a china 608 bearing here for less than 4 dollars!


also where do i get the API


You do realise I wasn’t replying to you, don’t you? Hency why my post has a “in reply to BoozeKashi” indicator at the top right of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

And please get off the political correctness bandwagon… I’m quite justified calling someone an idiot, and they are welcome to feel hurt and offended. It’s not being able to express our views that’s making this world go to s%#t . I’m just not allowed to do it on company time! :laughing:

SDK, not API… appologies… these TLAs (think about it… it will come to you… it’s self-describing) get confusing at times…



FLUX will provide the SDK and assistance to those wishing to develop toolheads. We have at least one guy for sure that is already doing it. He has posted some of his mods here in the forums. But you wouldn’t need SDK or any gcode modifications it’s just a hotend change, and I’m more and more tempted to do it. By all estimates they are really close in size, just a little different in how that PCB board fits in there between the PTFE connector and the radiator but it just might work. It would be really close anyway, and worst case scenario, since new metal bottom plates are out now, I could cut a hole in the old plastic one and any length difference could stick out the bottom and be adjusted for with z-offset. It would be no more than a few mm’s at most so virtually no effect on part cooling fans and E3D radiator fan is exact same size as FLUX hotend fan.

The “YT idiots” is a reference to something completely separate from here.


'ol leaky won’t know what hit it! :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: