"WARNING: Paused from error"


What is the error message? What does it mean? How can I find out what the problem is?

Running the latest FS & firmware on a Mac. Networked Flux delta.


Not that I know of… but it would be handy if there is!

Did you open opened flux studio AFTER the error occurred? As usually it would have a error message pop up at the time of the error if was already running… I seem to remember that it just displays a generic warning like the one you have when it is run after the fact… but it’s been a while since I’ve seen that particular notification so things could have changed…


Nope…it appears after the slicing process


Huh? So are you saying the status of the printer was idle/ready, and then when you pressed start it bugged out? Are you sure you meant to say sliced then, not upload? (When you start a print, it uploads, it slices in the background when you open the file or change settings… you can see the progress bar down the bottom left when it’s slaving away)

If so, I wonder if you are having similar difficulties to what @BoozeKashi was having with uploads? Maybe make sure that for starters you roll back to the 1.2.10 toolhead firmware as I believe 1.2.13 was having issues - you can download it from https://flux3dp.com/downloads/


This is a bug in 0.7.5 that is causing it to ‘double-clutch’ like this after you hit start. Just hit start again and click the X to get rid of the warning window.

I know we were getting it with files added from gcode but since we add from CMD+I now, the same as any other STL it makes sense the same bug is appearing. I’m on FS 0.7.5, with FW 1.25.40 and TH 1.2.10, all considered the “latest” at this point.


Thanks so much @BoozeKashi & @pfeerick for your responses.
Looks like it is as BoozeKashi says…a bug. The error appears right after the file has been uploaded just as the hotend begins heating. Click the ‘x’ and the windows disappears.


Matt, are your prints still stopping early?

One other idea I thought of to check is the z-limit or end-stop switches.

At the top of each set of vertical rods, right where the belts disappear into the upper housing are three micro-switches that are triggered by the carriages when they are at full z-stop or limit.

Just using a finger, gently check the actuation of each of the three switches. You should hear and feel a small click each time it is pressed. All three should sound and feel the same.

I am just wondering if it is possible that a bad switch is being triggered by machine vibrations and that is telling the printer to stop because it has reached the limit.

You can’t always tell a bad switch just by feel, but sometimes you can. It may not click, or it may be sticky, or feel soft.


Nah…not it. Z-stops seem fine. At least the silly error message is gone thanks to 1.6.51.


Love to have an update on this. Will the dialog box actually tell us what the error is in the future?


It sometimes pays to kick Flux Studio in the rear a few times (i.e. restart it)… I’ve had that ‘generic’ error before, but another time I happened to restart Flux Studio after receiving it, and it then told me the printer was out of filament (which was a lie, but that is another story). I think it is because Flux Studio is having ‘connection issues’, so it knows there is an error, but the nature of the error isn’t received as to the connection bombs out.


Eventually, error messages will be more informative. There is a lot more to FS than what you see on the surface. Remember this is still 0 stage software, we’re not at a 1 yet. The error messages are in there, but there are still too many possibilities right now that if it just popped up an error message from a list, it could really send you down a rabbit hole in the wrong direction. As much as I hate the Uh-Oh, that would be worse.

But with the software and firmware updates coming so fast and furious lately I think Taiwan must be importing Red Bull & Skittles by the truckload.