USB-C cable replacement


Hi All,
Due to a small misunderstanding on my part when I was returning my printer, I have ended up without a USB-C cable to connect the printer head. The cable seemed to be a standard USB-C, does anyone know if this is correct and any USB-C would work?


i will be try this item.

i had to order at Feb. 23 2016. but not received. aliexpress is very very very very… slow. ‘_’;;


I tried the cable that came with my nexus 6p and it didnt even spin up the fans. Flux also gave “toolhead not detected” instead the other 2 errors i usually get. So i would assume that you need a special usb-c cable that can handle the 25v its driving.
So unfortunately it looks like you just have to wait for them to send you a replacement.


hi there . my understanding of usb connectors is that they operate at 5v or less , it is baisecly just used to send a signal for the head operation . i have at least 4 different cables for my iphone and some work and some only charge and one does nothing at all . i am pretty sure that flux did not go out and design there own cable . just my thoughts .


Hi All,

This cable works with flux

I think the 3.1 bit is important as USB-C 2.0 cable won’t work.


You can also try ESEEKGO USB type c cable helps you charge fast. I am using it and feel very well. You can get it on amazon. Hope this helps!


ESEEKGO USB type c cable:
There is sale on amazon. You can get it easily. Hope this helps!