Upgrade to Flux Delta+


Now that the Delta+ release has been officially announced, I’m curious to know what quest 3 is (to get my upgrade kit for just the shipping cost)?

I’d also love to know what is going to be in the upgrade kit?

Any news on this @proclaim? We’ve been kept in suspense for quite some time now :wink:

FLUX Firmware 1.6.4 Change Log

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, and the wait is almost over! it’s getting close to Chinese new year and while we’re wrapping things up before we go on our holidays, I still want to let you know that in 2 weeks, you should see the complete information from the official website =) (to prove that we’re not slacking, ha)

Happy Chinese New Year! (It’s the year of chicken)


Can you share any details on what the 3rd challenge will be?


Title Link Status
#1: Product Feedback Survey Go to quest Fulfilled
#2: Share Your Work/Project Go to quest Fulfilled
#3: Read the Blog Go to quest Fulfilled

All 3 quests are fulfilled so do I have to do anything else. How is the shipping cost paid?


We will put the upgrade kit on our online store so you can pay for the shipping, thank you for your support!


Great! Did you guys have any discussion about the vinyl cutter? I’d happily wait a few weeks and pay to have it included (if it is a production issue) and delivered as a single package.



When will the upgrade kit be available to pay for? Also will we be able to purchase additional metal bottoms? I had purchased an extra print head, and it is melted. Thank you


We’ll put them on the online store in couple days, please don’t worry!


I did all the quests but never received the upgrade. Able to help?


sorry. Only just completed all 3 quests.


If you’ve only just finished the quests, I think you now need to wait 1-3 days for the system to update, and then you’ll see your coupons in your flux account page where it talks about the upgrade kit.


I’ve waited 4 days now and my status for the final quest still says pending. Could you help me check?


I’ll tell my colleague to check it, thanks!