Upgrade shipped laser module


I understand that due to import/export restriction, flux cannot be shipped with high power laser.
But I was wondering if the module can be designed such that I can just go to local electronics store and buy components for higher power laser and upgrade the shipped module to higher power so I can cut things like thin wood ?


Even if the factory module wasn’t upgradable, you could definitely build your own module to hold an ElCheapo or something like that.

That’s what I intend to do.



I have to be honest, you will have to have certain degree of knowledge of electronics to achieve this task. The stronger laser will require stronger power, and many things will be affected. It is possible, but it will need some work. We are working to make this task easier, and we will share more about how to upgrade the laser module after we ship the Flux.


Are you going to release the details of the hardware (the HDK stuff) before the flux ships? I had a list of questions in another thread I think.



Of course we will! I haven’t forgotten your list, and I will give you those information as soon as we nail them down. Thanks for your support!


Any update on how we can upgrade the laser module? With The flux shipments going out, I know that there are people that will want the ability to upgrade the laser strength.


I very much want to either get the specs/drawings for the laser module, or be able to buy a “blank” module so I can construct my own.


A blank module… Now that’s an idea!


Yeah, I’m imagining having a few blanks available. They would have the magnet mounts. One would be more open with vents and fan mounts like the extruder. Another would be more closed. Maybe they would have a USB-C connector with a tiny PCB to allow easy access to the pins.

Obviously one could print shells, etc. The factory produced ones would look nicer, and would already have the mounts installed.


If you check the hollow part for filament in top cap, you will see an extension port. We’ll publish the spec when it’s ready.


I also would like to upgrade the laser.
The 500mW is to weak, and I would like to go for 2-4W Blue Laser, would that be possible?


I do not understand why thy cannot ship a higher power laser, you can get more powerful laser on eBay, alliedexpress, bang door, Etc…


Because laser has different import/export restrictions on its power around the world, they can only choose a safe bet like 500mW.


It would be nice if FLUX could let us know how powerful a laser the current circuitry could handle, then we could just order it our self and install it.


Here’s what’s inside.

Anybody familiar with the chip on the left? I assume that’s the ‘driver’ for the laser.
I also assume that it’s capable of quite a bit of current and is probably more limited by heat than anything else.

This one’s a spare because of an issue that I encountered. I’m 100% onboard with hacking it to drive a more powerful laser, it’s just not my forte or priority at the moment.


Can you decipher the writing on the chip, maybe make a google search? I cannot tell from the picture but it could be a MOSFET of some sort…


Seems to be a Voltage regulator, this one:

Here is a high resoluton picture


Yes, it is a 3.3V regulator (1117-A33) and probably current limited to drive the diode at about 60mA since it is a 200mW diode. Although 1117 can put out more current, modifying the cct without schematics is not advisable and very risky.


Is it only 200mW? On the side is says MAX OUTPUT POWER <500mW.

I tried to take the laser apart to see if I could read something of the diode, but it seems to be glued where the cable goes in to the housing so would probably damage it if I try to unscrew it.

Anyway I guess without FLUX providing input we won’t know if we can upgrade it.


I think it is only 200mW check this thread…