Upgrade kit shipping?


I see that there are some Delta pluses out there now, are the upgrade kits also shipping?

Mine is still status “unfulfilled” which pretty much sums it all up.

Also are there going to be idiot-proof step by step instructions with the upgrade parts? In the past I have been sent packages of parts only. When I contacted help desk I would get a vague answer to “look on the site”

I know a lot of the other kickstarter backers are much more advanced than I am with the engineering and mechanical aspects of the flux delta. I see that people have been upgrading various parts over the time they have used the machine.

My machine sits idle. It has more or less since June of last year. I am waiting on the upgrade package to arrive before trying to work with it again.


Where do you live William?

I would be more than happy to have your machine come stay with me for a while in my ‘Adopt-A-FLUX’ Program :slight_smile:

All I have so far from the Upgrade Kit is the Order Confirmation number. I have not received the tracking number yet, which leads me to believe that they have not shipped. I also noticed that the new FLUX store is running on Shopify platform, so when you go to the main FLUX3DP site and check ‘Orders’ nothing shows up there except your original KS order. Apparently there is no connection between the two systems.

As far as getting you up and running, Most of us have not actually upgraded anything. A few have, yes, but most of us have replaced parts or repaired them, or found ways to improve them. We are more than happy to help you to get your machine running and making nice prints, whether that be here, or in the Facebook group, usually somebody is always around. We are literally spread around the globe now.

If your machine has functional problems, don’t hesitate to open a support ticket. It can be tedious, but the FLUX Support team is very thorough, it may take some time but they will get you repaired.

If it is just settings issues or setup issues, or you just want some guidance when you get the upgrad kit, that is no problem. I know I will be posting here and on FB, and I am sure several others will be too, so there will be a lot of ‘guides’ and ‘go-bys’ to follow along to do the upgrades. With that in mind, I’ll try to prepare to some posts that way, it’s a great idea, and you make a good point, some of us may be a bit more mechanically inclined or have more time or whatever the case may be. :thumbsup:


Thank you for the reply,

I am in Japan.

Yes, the fact that FLUX is running across multiple places is very annoying.

Tedious does not begin to describe it. It is total hell. The whole help desk went dark for months at a time last year.


I am really sorry you’ve had a bad experience, but stick with it, it will get better.

I don’t mean to confuse you. Zendesk (FLUX Support) is the official channel, and yes they had some growing pains last year but they have improved tremendously since then.

These Forums are officially FLUX, but mostly for users participation, though many of the FLUX staff are quite active here too.

The Facebook site is not connected to the company (but they are members too), just more of us individuals connecting via another medium.

Just use what works best for you :slight_smile:


hi William,

We’re terribly sorry for your crappy experience. Things were quite bumpy last year, but we’re now back on track. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems!

As for the upgrade kit tutorial, this time it will still be online. We will be posting the tutorial in our Help Center, along with some video clips.
We’re very close to shipping the upgrade kits, so please stay tuned!


So, what’s going on with shipping the upgrade kits? I believe they said they would be shipping in late March, and somewhere else I saw that they would start shipping March 17th. March is almost over and I have yet to receive a shipping notification yet.


The CNC Part of USB Type-C Holder dragged the speed of shipping, which finally arrived this week. We’ll start shipping upgrade kit for international customer tomorrow.


I have just received an email from DHL saying that the kit has been sent. Thanks


Same here in NY, !!!


Same here in switzerland


Ditto, UK! Looking forward to its arrival.


I am in Canada and also received a DHL notice today.


Me too.




Yes, the upgrade kits are on their way! We’ve shipped out nearly a hundred upgrade kits today. Since our office will be closed from 4/1 to 4/5 due to public holiday, the shipping will continue in early April.
However. the email from DHL indicates that we’ve made the shipping labels for your order, but it doesn’t necessarily means that your order is shipped. You will receive a order fulfilled email from Shopify if your order is shipped.

Happy Friday!


Well, at least my shipping label was made :wink:
Looking forward to the package in the coming weeks. Enjoy your holiday.


I ordered my kit March 3rd, got my shipping notice the 30th, and the kit arrived today.


hmm. Hopefully I wasn’t too far down the queue when I ordered my upgrade kit. Still waiting with LOTS of anticipation and excitement in upgrading my Delta - to make it even better than it has been :sunglasses:


wooooooooow! you have a adopt a flux program!


Hi Wei, Do we have to register our printer to receive the upgrade kit?


Any update on shipping since being back after the holiday?

I would like to know if I can expect shipment this month.