Upgrade Kit: scanner laser poles


I was following the video for the upgrading of the scanner laser poles, and I am stuck at the very first step of removing the bottom screws. There are two stingy screws that are connected to the rods that just spin in their place. I tried holding the the rods with a vise grip but it just scratched the rods. Any help?




All I can suggest is if you have an impact screwdriver, try that, as sometimes screws like that just need to be ‘jarred’ to be released. Having said that… I know when I removed the base of mine to install replacements for faulty scanner poles a few months ago that I had one really tight one… fortunately it didn’t result in the rods being scratched up though. You really just need to somehow clamp that rod tightly without scuffing it up, and hope that the screw doesn’t break!


I ended up drilling the screw top off.