Upgrade Kit Coupon - Now What?


Man, I thought Thailand had a lot of holidays… Taiwan knows how to party! I must visit soon.


DHL have told me they will deliver on 4th April here in Scotland. I will be away on Holiday for a week the day after that so I’ll have a play when I get back. (when hopefully one of you guys will have written a guide to doing the upgrade! :slight_smile: )


My delivery also shows April 4, but I am not ready to upgrade until something else, besides the laser heads, breaks down. I have no intention of using the scanner in the near future, gives me to much frustration! I may only do the printhead metal plate upgrade, since I also ordered a new printhead. I’ll first try the new printhead then upgrade the old one, which is working fine since day 1.


You got the golden ticket printhead. Actually, I think Jim got one too.


Woo hoo! It’s just arrived a day early. Despite the warning from DHL about customs charges, there were no charges to pay here in Scotland.
Looks like I won’t need to wait for you guys to make a guide after all as there is a link to one in the box!> https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004326847-FLUX-Delta-Upgrade-Kit-Installation-Guide


Well you are very lucky in Scotland, here in Canada I paid $33.88CAD to DHL for Customs + Brokerage and it should be delivered any time today!

The only addition I have to the kit is a new printhead for $135CAD ($99US), which should add about $18CAD at the border (13%). I expect the kit alone would have been $16CAD.


Thanks for the information. I will receive the kit today and I think that a new filament feeder definitely improve a quality of a print.


WooHoo!! Mine is to be delivered today, but I’m working late! Wont be able to work on it till tomorrow!! :frowning:


Received my upgrade kit in California today. No fees dues.


Can anyone do a video of the upgrade process? I think that would be great if possible.

my waybill number is not found in the DHL tracking so that means it will ship next week I think.


Woohoo! Mine arrived today also… nice work DHL! :smiley: My poor unsuspecting Flux Delta will never know what hit it :laughing:


Have a look at the link to the upgrade guide that Matfink provided (https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004326847-FLUX-Delta-Upgrade-Kit-Installation-Guide)… there are videos for each upgrade ‘type’ and they’ve used captions for the instructions.


I can’t promise a timeline, but I intend to make a video about it.


Thank you Flux engineer team. The new filament extruder is working amazingly. Looking at the result on the tips, the left hand side printing is printed with a new one and the right is old one.


How did you go with the new mat? Did you have any calibration issues? Just wondering as I haven’t fired my Delta back up yet… not sure on whether to do the extruder upgrade now or in a few days… :smiley:


There is no problem on calibration with a new plate. I will do a test print on Eiffel Tower. The negative tolerance test is all passed down to 0.2mm even though it’s bit tight. Flux printer is now the best. After a long time that I try to print a best print that would be reproduced as close as a a stl model through S3D, I can do now with the new extruder. Thanks again Flux team.


Don’t you have another video that you need to make???


I have not had time to do the full upgrade, and probably will not be able to make a video of the process, but I did slap the magnetic buildtak-or-maybe-not-buildtak plate thing on last night.


No calibration problems at all. No changing anything. Prints just stuck like magic.

I’m not getting rid of my glass, because I still like some things to be smooth and this thing does leave a kind of fine sand texture, but nice for when that does not matter. No glue, no tape, nothing. Small things just pop off. Big flat things just take the plate off and flex it.

Worth the price of admission right there!


I sure do, yep :slight_smile:
That, and a FLUX upgrade video coming soon.


FLUX Team already made videos for each step: https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004326847-FLUX-Delta-Upgrade-Kit-Installation-Guide

You should do the Bill Paxton knife trick at high-speed if you’re going to do it again though.

Hurry up and make that other video… people are waiting. :m: