Upgrade Kit Coupon - Now What?


Hello, I haver the upgrade kit coupon code, but do not know what I’m suppose to do next? Anyone know?


I appreciate the free upgrade and the Quest, but I don’t know why the process of obtaining it is so difficult and obscure “import” an email? and now I also have a coupon code but don’t know what to do next with it. I didn’t even notice the links to specify shipping type in order to get the code - I only read about it here on the forum…


My best guess is that the coupon will be used when we purchase a upgrade kit with a coupon code that eventually the cost of upgrade kit will be free + shipping. Hopefully I’m right :slight_smile:


that does make sense. I keep checking the store like a crazed man on Black Friday, but so far no upgrade kits.


Coupon? Did somebody mention coupon? I feel left out now… oh, wait a minute… there it is! I love you coupon! :laughing: (and for anyone who doesn’t realise… when you go to the upgrade kits part of your account on the flux website, there are now links asking about shipping, and once you click on the correct one for you, you’ll get your coupon!).


I got the coupon too. I am really looking forward to the next step. I want to upgrade my awesome printer as soon as possible😁


Well, I now have 2 coupon codes, and it tells me to buy them in the linked online store, but they still aren’t available in the store :frowning:


The suspense is building up, I also have 2 codes!


When and where did you get the coupon? I have been waiting but have received nothing.


You don’t receive anything, but when you check https://flux3dp.com/my-account/upgrade-kits/ you will see in “Upgrade Kits Shipping”, under “Quest”, your 2 codes (coupons!). I received the 2 codes a day or two apart.


I have two coupon codes as well but the store only shows a role of filament for sale. . . .frustrating:


Any word on when the upgrade kits will hit the store? I have the two codes, but have heard nothing.


Me too waiting for availability to order an upgrade kits… Yahooo! :slight_smile:


We’ll put the kit on our online store later, and you can use the code to get the the kit free!
Sorry for long wait!


Thanks Wei-Zhong.
Can you tell us when (doesn’t have to be exact info) we can expect those Kits to be available in the web store?
Is this today, one week, a month?
So we can stop refreshing the page multiple times a day. It will save us a lot time.


Upgrade Kits Shipping
Hoorah! This is the coupon code for your FREE FLUX Delta upgrade kit on our online store. Please grab one and enter the code at check out, your upgrade kit will be totally free!

From the website . . . getting a bit tedious . . .


Will be updated in one week!


I am so hyped for that upgrade kit. I am looking forward to disasemble my printer and change the upgraded stuff. I absolutely love the flux printer :smiley:


Guys its in the shop. Now go and grap your upgrade kit :smiley:
@Wei-Zhong is there any difference between the new and old metal plate?


If you apply the coupon, there’s still shipping to pay. Is that to be expected? I understand it, but I want to be sure since the wording with the code said “your upgrade kit will be totally free!”

Also, you can’t add two coupon codes on the same order so do we need to place two orders and pay shipping twice or can we include the second code in the order notes?