Unhappy with SVG engraving


Hi @wei
According to your post in the blog, I tried engraving again with some SVG-Graphics. But unfortunately I didn’t get any
reasonable result.
I cant find error correction in FS as you suggested in your post.

Flux-Studio: 0.6.2
Deltafirmware: 1.6.4
Toolheadfirmware: 1.2.7
Operating System: Linux

Geometric Error Correction

@proclaim and @tomtux

I wish I could help but I got the same issue I am trying to find that geometry correction setting but it seems it is not there.

I did check under: file -> preferences -> device
and under: devices -> printer

Flux Studio: 0.6.3
Delta Firmware: 1.6.4
Toolheadfirmware: 1.2.7
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit

@proclaim one more question: I suppose that geometry correction works with the print head too and not just the laser head ? I hope it works with the print head as I noticed some similar issues with certain slicers.



I engraved and worked perfectly.


I installed a little fan at the side of the flux to get rid of those cloudy black shapes. I found it helps a bit.


good idea! I will have to try that next time!


what kind of result did you get? can you post a picture of it?

according to your post in the blog…

where did you see the blog? so I can make sure the information is correct.

Just to clarify, the setting for geometric error correction is not under preference, it’s a parameter in advanced setting

geometric_error_correction_on = 1


Thank you @proclaim for your reply.
Here are the result from last engraving on cardboard.

I read about error correction here.

  1. Shaping issues and dimension distortions
    (b) Update firmware and enable correction function. According to our research, some static position errors may occur while moving through specific paths, especially right corners. Enabling the error correction function on the latest firmware will remarkably improve performance.

Does geometric_error_correction_on = 1 also be applied to the engraving-section in Flux-Studio?


yes, it applies to the SVG only, (not bmp).

give it a try and let me know (or is it already on with it?)


Error_correction was on when I did engraving.