Two emails about shipping 2 different waybill numbers


Bit odd

Got an email on March 29th with a waybill number from DHL saying shipping information received, nothing ever changed with that status

Got another email yesterday April 13th with a different waybill number.

I am a backer that should be in the April 15th shipment. So I did not think much of it until I got the email with a different waybill number.

Obviously they are not going to ship me two printers, I just wonder what happened in the factory?


If you order more than 3 filaments, you will receive more than one package


When my Flux first shipped, I got 4 waybill #s (didn’t “order” anything more). Eventually, only 1 was active.


Well today is April 15th

I am not that far from Taiwan. Only about an hour by air (no direct flights of course)

I kind of expected to have more details with the shipping process. Again I keep reading about how this is an engineering firm and not yet a retail company.

I get the point that I can’t have the same expectations as I would from Amazon or something. But…

No movement on either waybill number makes one wonder.