TRY VASE MODE cuz u get the best print quailty ever!


so for those who have S3D, try vase mode, I tried it… and oh my god… the print quality… every layer is on the right point! not a single artifact! i tried a vase mode model from thingiverse! and i was stunned, i switched back to non vase mode, and quality went back down! anyway try it and you’ll be amazed!

also Cura has it!


also, if you do try it, please post your pics here, @pfeerick don’t upload a vase wreckyard


would love to but you know…
apparently works nice on rockets :rocket:

would love to try that one


Hello - the latest version of Cura has it as well…


he he nice spot :wink: and @aw1 I wouldn’t have thought to do that until you suggested it :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll be your fault if I do now! :laughing: