Transport belts


Is there a way to tighten the belts on the Flux?

I don´t see a way… unless I am missing something

I took the bottom cover off and from what I can see the belts run directly on a gear on the motor.

I suppose there is no way to remove the rest of the casing without taking all the internals out?


I haven’t had mine apart enough to know for sure, but it’s my suspicion that the tensioners are built into the carriages.


The plan was to open those next as I want to check the LM bearings so I guess I will see :wink:

Any ideas how much play on the LM bearings is normal? Seem they have (and just guessing) 0.3 -0.5 mm play. Is that OK?

Correct me if I am wrong but not much I can do there to tighten them ?


There is no need/use to tighten the belts more.
LM bearings are normal but you can get others, I am happy with mine: New LM Bearings