Toxic fumes a problem?


Saw this project on kickstarter and was wondering if this was a real concern and if so how does the flux stack up against other 3D printers in this regard? Does it matter whether or not you use ABS or PLA?

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Operating temperature?

Have a look at this…


interesting…would having a ceiling fan on help? @Tiwaz would you consider buying the zimpure?


Not sure… I rarely print ABS… and if I do I am in the room… plus the room were my abs printer is has a filtring system with a hepa and carbon filter…

The Flux is is my office so I sometimes am there while it is printing… but I am a bit less worried about PLA.

Would I buy it not sure… in my case probably not as I plan to move to Resin printing in the future and it would not work with that.

Now Considering that the Flux can not print ABS (or is not made for it), I am not sure if I would worry too much about it.


Thanks again! @Tiwaz


No Problem… not sure about your printer location but if you have the option then you could always print with an open window and leave the room.

I had to get a filter for the room were my other printer is (the one that sometimes prints ABS) as it does not even have a window…

I am however curious to see what some other people think :slight_smile:


I had a persistent cough for about 6 months last year and eventually decided it was only happening if I had done some printing recently. I live in Scotland and most of the year it is too cold to leave the windows open. So I found a scrap display cabinet to house the printer and installed a fan to extract the air through two Roomba hoover filters. That was a few months ago now and I haven’t been coughing since.
I don’t know if PLA is toxic but certainly I find the fumes irritable.


I know the problem weather is not that great around here either.

I have noticed a similar effect like you described but with ABS and quite instantly while sitting like 1-2 Meters from it… (plus it stinks a lot more and worse than PLA). It is the main reason I moved the printer downstairs and put a filter system there.

I probably would have moved the Flux too but I got no Wifi reception in that room.

Not sure about PLA affecting me… as for longuer prints (more than 1 hour) I am usually not in the room… not so much because I am worried about the PLA but the noise annoys me :wink:

I suppose PLA might not reach a high engough concentration in that amount of time to be an Issue.


ooh yes and about that kickstarter. Seeing the pictures and reading through it I wonder if they use these.


There are so many problems with that, I am not sure where to begin.

It is KickStarter. Way too many high profile failures lately. (I know I am an OG FLUX KS backer, but I have lost faith in KS at this point.)

It is a tiny vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. If you really want to do that, you can buy a small apartment size vacuum with a HEPA filter already, and the filters are cleanable/replaceable.

It’s going to be noisy, the quiet vacuum has not been invented yet. Not even by Dyson.

If it pulls enough vacuum to be an effective active filtration system, attaching that hose to a Delta printers effector is definitely going to mess with your calibration and screw up your prints. I don’t think too many Cartesians or CoreXYs would deal well with the extra weight or stiffness either.

There are much better, more efficient, simpler, inexpensive, and readily available solutions. Put your printer in an enclosure and add a filtration system. Build it out of MDF, acrylic, plexiglass, whatever suits you. Sandwich a HEPA filter between a couple 120mm server fans and mount near or on top and you are done. Quieter, more effective, and if you build it nicely, way more stylish, and you have actually made your printer better by giving it a controlled environment, which is more temperature stable and dust controlled.

The FLUX Deltas are not designed to print ABS (though I hear they can if done just right), and I would absolutely agree that you should have proper ventilation if you print with it. I stopped using it completely not only because of the outgassing while printing but finding out it continues to outgas for quite some time afterwards. I don’t know that PLA is any safer, but it sure does not smell as bad. I have not noticed any irritation and only had 1 spool that had an odd smell, almost like popcorn. That was one of my original FLUX spools. My machine is in an enclosure though, and it is next to a window, I never open it, but it is there if I need to. Cold weather is not a problem here, it is the opposite.

Before even considering this, just look on Thingiverse for Fume Extractor pick one you like, work it into your enclosure plan, and you’ll be much better off.


@BoozeKashi Yes I had never been a big fan of KickStarter either. Just thought the information was interesting. Also thought it would mess up the printer. I think after all of our discussions so far I will either put it in the garage or build an enclosure, as I already have a medical condition that limits my breathing. Do you think the server fans are powerful enough to push air through the filters? And where would you buy the acrylic or plexiglass? I.e. online or somewhere like Home Depot? Thanks again and looking forward to more opinions. Maybe something from flux @system


If you are in the US, you should be able to buy plexi or acrylic sheets at places like Home Depot, Lowes, or Michaels Craft Stores too.

Take a look at this setup:

There are many similar ones on thingiverse so yeah, those 120mm server rack fans can move enough air.

As far as enclosure designs, there are a few on there as well, for Delta. The Ikea Lack table solution is great (I’ve used it for other printers) but not so good for FLUX because of the height and access needed at the top.

I built mine out of 16mm O.D. PVC pipe, just a simple rectangular box. The corner connectors are 3-way 90-degree connectors I made in OpenSCAD then printed on the FLUX. Sprayed the whole thing with flat black paint, then used Scotch Pro Adhesive to glue the plexiglass panels onto the frame. I printed a couple hinges and a door handle I liked from thingiverse, then glued a 3mm neo magnet to the door and washer to the frame to keep it closed. The whole thing took about a day, and part of that was going to the store to get beer while waiting for paint to dry.

If you have breathing issues, don’t take any chances. Just because I don’t notice irritation does not mean you won’t be sensitive to something. Put it in your garage to start with, and use ventilation while you are printing. You can get started that way and build your enclosure and have plenty of time to see if you notice any irritation. There are other methods that use positive airflow and clothes dryer flex hose to vent their printers to a window too. The electronics crowd has ventilation down to a science with the solder fume extraction systems. So it can be done.

3D printing is still new, and we don’t know the long-term effects of exposure or even if there is any. You do know your own situation, so it is great that you are proactive. I’ll post some pics of my simple FLUX box when I get a chance, and happy to share the files of the printed parts if you want them. It certainly is not completely airtight, but probably close, and if I were to add an extraction filter then air would have to come in anyway.


@BoozeKashi Yes I am from the US, in particular Texas. Thanks again for all the information. Looking forward to the pictures. I don’t need the files yet as I won’t get my Delta plus until at least June.