Toolpath out of range


I’m trying to make a shape that consumes the max build volume. A jig of sorts to help visualize exactly how big of a print I can make. I’ve turned off raft, brim, and skirt, and the shape’s border turns yellow when I place it in Studio, but I still get a “Toolpath out of range” error every time I try to print. In order to make the error go away, I need to shrink the tub by about 15%.

Is there any way to force the print or determine what part would fail if it were to print?
Also, Is the inner ring of the circular target in studio representative of the extents of the build area?


Yes this annoys me a lot. If i put the part inside the inner ring it should be able to print. I also turned of brim and raft. Why would it be pictured like that if it wouldn represent the available printing area?


Are you using a skirt? if so, that may be pushing you outside the print area, or support or brim as well.


I’ve run into this a few times. A bit annoying when trying to print multiple parts to an assembly.


I, too, am having this issue. I actually have two problems with this warning. First - when I import several parts and I need to organize them, every time I move something, it pops the warning up. It’s frustrating because I know that it’s out of range, that’s why I’m rearranging it. I don’t need that warning every time I move something. I need that warning when I click print and something is out of range.

Second, and strangely, I’m currently getting that same warning with two pieces that are well within bounds and the warning goes away when I select a raft. But then complains when I get rid of the raft. This seems like a legitimate bug to me, as I can’t think of how having a smaller footprint would put me out of bounds.


Any suggestions to fix this. I’m trying to print something that really looks like it fits in the print area.